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Seattle Center

Seattle Center Tickets

The wonderful Seattle Center is more than just a park, it is an entire complex that has seen its share of mega events being held here. The entire area is a breathtaking mixture of natural scenery and magnificent facilities that have played their part in turning it into one of the most special places in the country. Grab your Seattle Center tickets and catch an event there live for an experience you won’t forget.

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Seattle Center

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The Seattle Center is built on a whooping seventy four acres of space. The center was constructed for the Century 21 Exposition, also known as the World’s Fair in 1962. It is an event that has gone on to capture the imagination of millions around the country and beyond. The event was to be attended by people from all around the globe so after a lot of consideration the place where the Seattle Center stands now was selected. The land was acquired by people and institutions that owned different areas. The next step was to demolish certain other buildings surrounding it so once that was done the construction began. Once the event went underway it turned out to be an enormous success.

Since then millions of people have visited the area every year. One of the biggest attractions is the International Fountain which runs all through the year. Located right in the heart of the Seattle Center, this work of art is something to marvel at. It has twenty different spurts that occur in conjunction with already composed and recorded music. Every spurt has its own music which is changed each month. Different music makes different spurts which in turn results in different styles and designs.

Another major landmark of the place is the amazing Space Needle, which stands at six hundred and five feet. It has been made specifically to hold fort against winds hallowing up to two hundred miles an hour. The structure can also stand earthquakes that reach 9.1 on the Richter scale. The Space Needle also has a restaurant that revolves at five hundred feet from the ground. The center also has its own monorail system. The line covers a distance just a shade under one mile. The trains can reach top speed of forty five miles per hour. The trains and the rails have officially labeled as historical landmarks.

Then there is the Center House which includes performing arts theaters and a museum for children. On top of that the area is also home to the famous Fisher Pavilion, Kobe Bell and the Mural Amphitheater. The Pacific Science Center contains the Seattle Laser Dome and two magnificent IMAX theaters. The entire park has everything for fans of all ages which is why it is now among the most visited places in the country. So pay it a visit yourself and experience why it is so incredibly special by simply buying Seattle Center tickets.