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Hershey Theatre

Hershey Theatre Tickets

The beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. This proverb was given more depth when Milton S. Hershey proclaimed “The more beautiful you make something which people can see and use, the more enjoyment they will get out of it.” With the same motive in mind, Hershey had a vision to develop landmark buildings and one of them is known as Hershey Theatre. The idea was conceived in early twentieth century but was practically built during 1929 to 1933. It was amongst one of the projects from Hershey’s Great Building Campaign to bring forth the new era of architecture and take away the Great Depression time.
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Hershey Theatre was a gift to the town on its 30 th anniversary celebrations worth $3 million. In a very short time the Hershey Theatre became the pivotal performance arena for the leading performers of the world. It was conceived to be the only magnificent place for the Pennsylvanians for enjoyment and gathering primarily for the entertainment point of view. As one steps into the Grand Lobby of Hershey Theatre, the marvelous architecture and craftsmanship has always magnetized the visitors. From the immaculate base-relief images on the walls to the sparkling floors, Hershey Theatre has a lot to offer besides the great shows and performances.

The main level of the auditorium transports one to an entirely new world. Hershey Theatre here unfolds the main theme of Venice with the evident face of the lion right at the front thus symbolizing the quintessential symbol of Venice . The heart of Hershey Theatre lies in its backstage where the whole drama is evolved and the magical worlds are brought to life. The highly technical lighting and sound system truly adds to its grandeur.

During the twentieth century the much applauded atmospheric ceilings were in high demand and they also provided ease in shifting from dawn to dusk. The beautiful constellation of stars and clouds truly make the ceiling close to the reality and allows the audience to perceive it as the real stargazing experience ready to witness the royal entrance. With such a mind blowing Venice inspired architecture, Hershey Theatre has an aura of its own. Avail the glorious chance at the latest and get Hershey Theatre tickets now as the performances will surely aspire you to appreciate the talent of the country. Grab Hershey Theatre tickets now and feel the unforgettable experience! You will love the exciting deals of this season for sure.

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