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La Traviata

La Traviata Tickets

Operas are being performed worldwide on different stages and their popularity continues to grow. Some fall in the backdrop without making much of an impact but some make their mark upon the audience, critics and the theater world. And La Traviata is one such opera. La Traviata is a timeless classic, an opera that remains as fresh and stirring as it was decades back when it came out for the first time. It is composed by Giuseppe Verdi and the Italian Libretto of the opera has been given by Francesco Maria Piave . The plot of La Traviata is based on ‘Camille’, a play inspired from a novel written by Alexandre Dumas . La Traviata is an opera that has entertained theater goers for years and has compelled them to come watch it over and over again. That is the reason why La Traviata tickets have enjoyed a lot of popularity over the years, providing a chance of a refreshing theater experience every time.

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La Traviata premiered in Venice in March of 1853 at La Fenice. The first performance met with a lot of criticism which was thrown at casting an overage woman to play the role of Violetta. More criticism came with the second act and according to Verdi; the first performance was a failure. The play was revised and presented at Teatro San Benedetto, earning rave reviews this time. In 1856, it was taken out of the country to London and New York where more success followed it. At present, La Traviata is one of the most famous and most played operas in the world which has become a classic because of its traditional setting of the eighteenth century.

The main character of La Traviata is Violetta, on whose name the opera was titled originally. Other main characters are Alfredo Germont, Giorgio Germont and Barone Douphol. The opera centers around Violetta and her life indulged in dancing, drinking and gayety. In her days as a courtesan, a young gentleman falls in love with her while being a part of the merriment like the others. On getting the knowledge of Alfredo’s sincere love, Violetta lets her mind wander to the pure feelings of love and it awakens something inside her. She gives in to Alfredo’s protestations and starts living with him, abandoning her previous life.
The second act of La Traviata starts with Alfredo and Violetta living in a Villa near Paris. Alfredo flees to Paris to stop the proceedings of Violetta’s property and possessions which she decides to sell to accommodate the expenses in this new life.

In Alfredo’s absence, his father, Giorgio Germont calls upon Violetta and persuades her to give up on her son telling her off. Heartbroken, she returns to Paris to her old life and finds a companion in the form of Barone Duphol. Alfredo encounters Violetta in a mask and rebukes her for her acts. Alfredo is challenged by Duphol for a duel in which Duphol is wounded. Hearing of the mayhem, Giorgio Germont tells Alfredo the whole thing who rushes to Violetta upon knowing her great sacrifice for love but it’s too late. Fate befalls upon them and La Traviata ends with Violetta dying in the arms of Alfredo.

La Traviata is a heart touching love story which will take you to the world of Violetta, a woman who indulges in things that lead to her demise. In fact, ‘La Traviata’ means "The Fallen Woman" in literal sense. How Violetta shuns her life of worldly indulgences to spend it with her one true love, only to start it again at the turn of things. La Traviata is the story that will leave you saddened and delighted at the same time because of the flowing emotions and ending on a sad note of Violetta dying of excessive consumption.

La Traviata tickets are your gateway not only to an opera but to the world of love, betrayal, sincerities, deceptions and heart breaks. La Traviata an opera that will leave you spellbound with its mesmerizing music and remarkable performances. So make good of the chance of watching La Traviata when it comes to any theater near you by booking La Traviata tickets and you will be thanking your good fortune.

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