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Among all sorts of languages and human expressions, few surpass the subtlety, grace and uniqueness of ballet where ballerina’s supple gestures act as a tongue narrating tales of yore with a charming delicacy. Coppélia is one such enchanting story which is imparted by graceful nimbleness of dancers’ moves and sweet tunes of the beguiling music.

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Any aficionado of ballet will know about this famous comic classic penned down by Charles Nuitter and originally choreographed by Arthur Saint-Léon to the music of Léo Delibes. The ballet was first performed at the prestigious Opéra de Paris in May 1870. Before Coppélia could relish its initial success, theatre scene was interrupted by Franco-German War of 1870 and subsequent siege of Paris. However, following the war, Coppélia became one of the most frequent ballets performed at Paris Opera. Such was the charm of Coppélia that this beautiful ballet was witnessed by Napoleon III himself along with Empress Eugénie.

The story of Coppélia is based on few traditional fascinations - a row between lovers, infatuation, jealousy, an aging and eccentric man keen on filling his solitude with his self-creations, and above all, an inevitable happy ending. The title character Coppélia is a doll, made by bizarre Dr. Coppelius in his efforts to create his ideal bride. Seated in a window above the square in a reading posture, sheer beauty of Coppélia charms the villagers, Franz in particular –thinking of Coppélia as a human being. Franz, previously courting Swanilda, becomes infatuated with the beauty of Coppélia which renders Swanilda jealous of her. Around this scenario, the story builds on and a non-stop amusement commences. How Swanilda deals with her jealousy for Coppélia, how Coppélia’s magical spell on Franz is broken, what does Dr. Coppelius do to render his ideal bride in to a living thing and how it all ends – are all but intermingled situations of sheer comedy discerned through subtle movements of ballerina and backed by a perfectly harmonious melody. All three acts of this beautiful classic ballet are pleasantly replete with high-spirited, gleeful dancing and adorable moments of love and faith.

Since its first performance, the story of Paris Opera has been rendered in a number of different ways such that there is no definitive Coppélia – motifs and characters have remained the same but various acts and moods have evolved around them. Various prominent ballet companies across the world have staged Coppélia including Boston Ballet, Australian Ballet, Ballet Chicago, Shanghai Ballet, Cuban Ballet, Moscow Ballet, New York City Ballet and above all, Paris Opera – the home of Coppélia. Beside its traditional charms, Coppelia has been featured in popular culture in different movies, plays and novels. The 1996 Danish film Ballerina centered around Coppélia. The novel No Telling by Adam Thrope also tells the story of Coppélia in an interesting manner. The play Glass Mask by Suzue Miuchi was also based on the ballet Coppélia. Apart from ballet setting, a theatre rendition of Coppélia was performed at the Gene Frankel Theater in 1999.

Coppélia is an everlasting celebration of love and its triumphs over negativity coupled with a great score and awe-inspiring choreography. So grab Coppélia tickets for yourself, friends and family and enjoy twists, turns and language of this witty classical ballet that has enamored kings and queens of yore.

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