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Wwe Raw Live

Wwe Raw Live Tickets

Raw is War! Most wrestling fans grew up chanting this slogan and despite countless ‘Please Do Not Try This At Home’ messages, several pillows had to fall victim to wrestling moves being practiced by young fans. For those who aren’t familiar with the Raw legends, don’t worry because that’s what we are here for!

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Wwe Raw Live

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WWE: NXT Takeover at Los Angeles on 3/27 Staples Center 3/27/2021 3:30 AM View
WWE: Raw at Los Angeles on 3/29 Staples Center 3/29/2021 3:30 AM View

Wwe Raw Live Tickets Information

Raw is a wrestling show that has gained immense popularity over the years and has enjoyed high ratings throughout. It was first aired in 1993, was created by Vince McMahon and produced by Kevin Dunn . Its popularity led to the production of 18 seasons till now and with more on the way, WWE Raw promises to keep you entertained for a lot more years to come.

Ever since it first started, Raw created waves in the world of professional televised wrestling. At a time when most wrestling shows were recorded in front of small audiences with studio voice overs, Raw did everything differently. It was shot in front of live audiences and did not involve the use of voice overs or any taped form of chat. It aired live every week from a small New York City theater but eventually proved to be a financial burden and could only be live on alternate weeks. WWE Raw faced its first rivals in the form of WCW Monday Nitro, a new show that aired live every week. WCW would announce wrestling results from Raw’s recordings before they were even aired and this led to declining Raw ratings.

After several controversies, Raw finally became a two hour show called ‘Monday Night Raw’ in 1997, which was also known as ‘Raw is War’. As for the war between Raw and Nitro, by the end of 2000, there was considerable decline in WCW’s revenue and this led to the company being sold to its arch enemy, WWF, in 2001. During 2002, a brand extension process took place and WWF was divided into ‘Raw’ and ‘SmackDown’, whereby each wrestler would only wrestle in their own specific show for specific titles.

WWE Raw returned to the USA Network in 2005 and its first show back featured wrestling superstars like Shawn Michaels, triple H, Hulk Hogan, Harley Race, Mick Foley, Steve Austin and lots more.The show was three hours long, with almost six million viewers tuning in and raising ratings to the highest in three whole years. From then to now, WWE Raw ratings have been constantly increasing, creating more and more fans by the day. In 2010, the 900 th Raw episode was aired and NXT and SmackDown superstars made guest appearances as well. After almost 14 years, the legendary Undertaker and Bret Hart wrestled each other, a sight that most wrestling fans had been waiting to see.

Currently, WWE Raw has wrestlers like Alex Riley, Big Show, David Otunga, David Hart Smith, Curt Hawkins, Drew McIntyre, CM Punk, Dolph Ziggler, Goldust, Michael Cole, Husky Harris, Justin Roberts, Jack Swagger and several more. The current theme song ‘Burn It to Ground’ has been provided by ‘Nickleback’ and has become the new and improved identification anthem of the show. This season, wrestling fans really need to brace themselves for some quality entertainment as Raw has some extremely mesmerizing and unique stuff lined up for you.

Wrestling fans are really in for a treat! They can now watch their favorite wrestlers live and in action. So if you want to be a part of the extremely gripping wrestling experience, all you have to do is get your WWE Raw Live Tickets right away! This is just the chance for you to watch all the wrestling superstars, not through a television screen, but instead, live and right in front of you. So don’t let this opportunity go by and we guarantee you’ll have the time of your life!

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A:Wwe Raw Live Tickets

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