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WWE Hell In A Cell

WWE Hell In A Cell Tickets

WWE Hell in a Cell is called one the most “career threatening” and “brutal” events of WWE. It has a history of highly reckless matches with immense blood spilling and injuries.

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WWE is the professional wrestling company that is run privately. It is the also the largest and most revenue generating wrestling company in the world. It broadcasts its shows in 30 different languages throughout the world and runs under two brands, “RAW” and “SmackDown”.
WWE was inaugurated in 1952 and is owned by Vince McMahon . The headquarters of WWE are situated in Stamford, Connecticut. The first name of the company was “Capitol Wrestling Corporation”. Later on it was transformed into “World Wide Wrestling Federation (WWWF) and in 2002 was named “World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), after being sued by “World Wide Fund for Nature” which is also trademarked as WWF.

WWE Hell in a Cell was first introduced in 1997. Since its inauguration, the Hell in a Cell contests have been organized sixteen times. The idea of a caged match was given by Shawn Michaels himself, during his ongoing feud with The Undertaker . In a Hell in a Cell match, the wrestlers go one on one in a 20-foot high cage that is descended upon the ring. The first match was named “Badd Blood” and was held between ‘Shawn Michaels’ and ‘The Undertaker’. The match ended with a blooded and injured Shawn Michaels defeating The Undertaker in a brutal match. At one point it was clear that Undertaker was going to win the match, when all of sudden lights went out and a masked figure appeared, ripping open the cell door and interrupting Undertaker as he was about to make his final pin down move.

Majority of the Hell in a Cell matches feature deadman, The Undertaker. He has become a sort of a trademark for the event. Some other famous matches that took place in the past are, “Badd Blood 2004” and “No Way Out 2000”. “Cactus Jack vs. HHH No Way Out” match is among the most brutal matches of the events history. There was a usage of steel chairs, throwing each other on the announce tables and smashing against the rods. But the most intense part of the match was when HHH took a pile driver and sent Mick smashing through the roof of the cell and into the ring. The match brought an end to Mick Foley’s career. However, he returned after a few years.

The Badd Blood of 2004 between HHH and Shawn Michaels lasted for full 50 minutes and is among the best ever matches of WWE Hell in a Cell. In another match, D-Generation X vs. Vince, Shane McMahon and The Big Show, viewers were entertained by a mixture of comedy and brutality. Some other major events of Hell in a Cell in the past include; “Armageddon 2000”, “Judgment Day 2002” and “Vengeance 2005”.

For over more than a decade now, WWE Hell of a Cell devoted followers have witnessed some of the most intense matches of World Wrestling Entertainment’s history. WWE Hell in a Cell is bringing some more action plus gore filled matches in 2011. If you are a fan of WWE Hell in a Cell and want to see your favorite wrestlers compete in the torture cage, it’s time you grab you WWE Hell in a Cell tickets right away!

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