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World Cup Soccer

World Cup Soccer Tickets

World Cup Soccer
Worldwide Soccer tournament exclusively includes global sports under one banner. Be it the worldwide international cricket competition, the worldwide golf tournament, or else the worldwide international football tournament etc.

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It is a platform for all the sports lovers from all over globally, to enjoy their favorite sports within the premises of their home via TV or enjoy a happening sport in the stadium for a live event to be viewed with the naked eye.
The pet project of having a worldwide international football tournament was initiated by two French fellows who themselves happen to be football players and then its administrators, came up with the idea of providing a chance for the people residing globally to bring out the hidden talent within them and to aim the highest degree ever in their respective field of football.
The concept that the two French men had in mind was to let this big event play as an encouragement for their passion to reach the peak of success for the folks all around. The French administrators then put their idea into practice by starting of this campaign.
It was in the 1920's that a plan was being put forward to the congress of the F?d?ration de Football Association, to vote in favor or against to organize a competition that would be a freedom of expression for all the teams representing an affiliated national associations respectively.
The result of the votes showed that a more people were in favor of the statement than against it. And since majority is taken as authority, the project had finally been approved the following year. Now all that was needed was the whole hearted determination from the two French men to visualize their ideas into a reality show.
The first ever world cup immense on a summer of 1930. From the time the whistle that was blown to start off with the game till its winding up, it was difficult to imagine that the competition would become the greatest sporting festival.
In fact, it was such an applaud able event which enjoyed resounding success and from then onwards this grand tournament had permanently assumed an excellent dimension till date. A Grande play that was enjoyed by people sitting at home in front of their T.V.
From then onwards, once every four years, nations from around the globe meet to find who has the best team playing one of the world's favorite game. The following two tournaments were held in Europe, with Italy winning as hosts and even further after that, retained the trophy on foreign soil.
The Second World War and its aftermath meant that the next tournament was not held before the 1950, where hosts Brazil suffered a shock defeat by its opposition of Uruguay team. Following them were two more tournaments held in Europe.
Then came in West Germany defeating Hungary and followed them was Brazil win over the then host Sweden. Brazil retained the trophy in Chile in 1962, and their third victory in Mexico in 1970, and had held the trophy were quite some time.
In between, England had beaten arch-rivals West Germany in 1966. Holland emerged as an European rival to the inspirational skills of the Brazilians, but were defeated later on in the next world cup. And so on and so forth.
Entering into the new millennium, the 2002 renewal, held in Asia for the first time by co-hosts Japan and Korea had attracted a number of entries, a far cry from the 13 nations that contested the first World Cup in Uruguay in the year 1930.
And the other hand it was USA, who made it to the semi-finals in the afore mentioned month putting on a biggest of shows in 1994, where the final was held between Brazil and Italy went all the way to penalties and victory for the South Americans.
Despite the efforts by the un beatable team members, Brazil still could not retain their title against the hosts France in 1998.
The trophy that was received by the winning team of the world cup is defined as being the art work of a French man. He made a gold plated statuette which weighed around 1.5 kg, representing a symbolic winged victory.
This worthy piece of gold trophy was stolen twice and never to be found. Presently, the trophy is the work of the Italian sculptor. There happens to be six governing bodies, organized by various conferences that make up FIFA.
And is said that the show must go on, therefore we can watch the world cup even today.

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