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Vfl Wolfsburg

Vfl Wolfsburg Tickets

Vfl Wolfsburg
VFL-Wolfsburg is a German sports club based in Wolfsburg, Germany and is famous for its football club which is a treat to watch even today for the people of Germany.
The Wolfsburg city is famous for having the Volkswagen factory in its surroundings, cars which were known to many as the cars driven by the Hitler people. There was also a football club that was the first ever made in the history of Wolfsburg.

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This first football club was affiliated with the auto works. And the team played in the first division during the mid 90's.
German games have always been affected by the WW2. And in the aftermath of the WW2, a new club had been born which was briefly known as VSK Wolfsburg. The colors of the flag kept by this new club were green and white which are the colors worn by VFL today.
In December 1945, the club went through a crisis that almost ended its existence when all but one of its players left to join the numero uno FC Wolfsburg. The only player remaining worked with another strong personality to rebuild the side by signing new players.
Within a year this new group, now playing as VfL Wolfsburg, had captured the one of the domestic title. In late November 1946, the club played a friendly match against longtime powerhouse at the stadium owned by the Volkswagen, emerging as the successor to BSG since the company had sponsored side.
A slow and gradual progress was made by the club during the coming seasons. The club made slow but steady progress in the following seasons. They managed to capture a number of amateur level championships, but could not advance any further.
However with the passage of time the club gained more and more experience of the game and after a lot of struggle done, they finally gained their first major victory against well known teams.
Still, the struggle was not over for them as struggling for the top flight was not an easy task for them, narrowly missing demotion each season they were finally being sent down in 1959.
When Germany's first professional football league was formed, VfL was playing for various places. Even though the struggling movement continued, Wolfsburg still remained at second division for many years, which further ranked it to be sustained as the second division performer till the year 1970.
That finish earned the club a place to the promotion round, where they performed poorly and was unable to advance any further.
VfL enjoyed some success through the 90's, when the team advanced to the final of the German Cup in 1995 where they were beaten by their oppositions, but then, Vfl did not lose heart and after making ends meet, it went on to the top flight on the strength of a second place league finish in the late 90's.
Wolfsburg has always been a regional north powerhouse, often battling its way for the old northern title. Initially, things started were not in their favor. But, their determination and hard work for striving high kept Vfl spirit high and going.

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