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SmackDown Tickets

Smackdown, one of the wrestling programs that make up World Wrestling Entertainment, WWE, is home to some of the most amazing WWE superstars as well as host to some incredible matches and wrestling bouts. This spectacular program can also be quite easily watched live, ringside, in an experience that is even more entertaining than watching it on TV or on the internet. This amazing WWE program features amazing matches each week as well as special events with some of the most amazing wrestling ever seen with the greatest superstars. Some of the legendary superstars that call Smackdown home are the Undertaker, the Big Show and Kane, three of the biggest and strongest brutal wrestlers in WWE history. Thus, if you want to watch any of the Smackdown superstars wrestle live, all you need are Smackdown tickets and a trip to wherever the match is taking place.

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The Smackdown brand hosts a number of spectacular superstars, matches and events. It is also home to some of WWE’s best titles and has seen a number of years of amazing wrestling played. It makes up one half of WWE with the other half being Raw. It was first launched back in 1999 and has been airing on TV since then as well as being performed live. It was first showcased on the UPN channel after which it aired on The CW then MyNetworkTv. As of 2010, Smackdown will air on Syfy and the same program that is aired can be watched live at any of the venues where the matches take place. This experience is very exhilarating and everyone who has ever had the chance to watch the Smackdown live has been filled with praise. In fact, many who watch Smackdown live end up wanting to watch it live again and again.

Smackdown is home to legendary wrestling superstars like The Rock, who is now a hit actor having appeared in many hit movies. One of his moves was in fact the Smackdown and thus the name itself was inspired by one of The Rock’s moves. The first set featured in Smackdown was a TitanTron entrance as well as stage followed by a broken set with a fist and shattered glass after the legendary Chris Jericho was slammed into it by Rhyno, a member of the Alliance back in 2001. In 2002, WWE was made up of Raw and Smackdown with the decision made that each of these two programs would have exclusive wrestlers and titles. One of the first titles that became exclusive to Smackdown was the WWE Undisputed Championship that was initially fought for in both Raw and Smackdown but after Brock Lesnar refused to defend it on Raw, it became Smackdown exclusive.

In 2002, the World Heavyweight Championship was created and awarded to Triple H by the then general manager, Eric Bischoff. The WWE Undisputed Championship soon became the WWE Championship as it was no longer defended in Raw. To counter this, the WWE Women’s Championship became Raw exclusive. One of the historical matches in Raw took place back in 2005 when John Cena left Smackdown for Raw, taking the WWE Championship with him. This match was a six man elimination featuring JBL, Chris Benoit, Booker T, The Undertaker, Muhammad Hassan and Christian with JBL coming out as the winner and thus crowned the WWE Champion. In 2006, yet another famous match took place when World Heavyweight Champion, Batista, had to forfeit his title due to an injury. A Battle Royale took place and Kurt Angle emerged as the victor in this match. It also featured the historical match when Edge defeated The Undertaker to become the World Heavyweight Champion, one of the very very few times The Undertaker ever lost a match. However, the Deaman did take his revenge in his famous Coffin matches and completely humiliated Edge.

At present, Randy Orton is the World Heavyweight Champion having defeated Christian in 2011’s Summerslam. Similarly, Cody Rhodes is the WWE Intercontinetal Champion after defeating Ezekiel Jackson in a regular Smackdown match. The current general manager is Theodore Long assisted by Zack Ryder with Triple H acting as the Chief Operating Office of Smackdown. The present commentators are Booker T, Josh Mathews and Michael Cole. Thus, for a live serving of Smackdown, all you need are Smackdown tickets and a ride to wherever the wrestlers are fighting!

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