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San Diego Chargers

San Diego Chargers Tickets

The San Diego Chargers have been perennial division and conference championship contenders since they first took to football fields in the year 1960. From that point onwards they have managed to win both titles multiple times over the course of their history. They have also won the league title once but that was before the Super Bowl era. The Chargers are looking to push on and finally end their wait for the biggest title in the NFL right now. If you are a fan of Chargers then book your San Diego Chargers football tickets and watch your favorite team live.

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San Diego Chargers is an American professional football team from San Diego, California. They belong to the West Division of National Football Leagues American Football Conference. The franchise was formed in 1960 by the name "Los Angeles Chargers". The name was changed only a year later. San Diego Chargers have won one AFC title till date, along with one Conference title, 15 Division titles and have made it to 17 playoffs. San Diego Chargers have Gold, Navy, Blue and White colored jerseys. San Diego Chargers tickets are always sold out for their home venue games that take place in "Qualcomm Stadium".For Event Schedule and available tickets for San Diego Chargers please click Buy

In the world of American football, there are numerous spectacular teams who have played football and have won it. Amongst such greats in American football, one team stands out by the way it plays, the titles it has bagged and the support its fans provide it. This phenomenal team is the San Diego Chargers, a professional football team that has rocked the world of football. This team is based in the city of San Diego, within the spectacular state of California. At present, the team is part of the Western Division of the amazing American Football Conference in NFL. This NFL team first began playing professional football as part of the AFL in 1960 and has since then been playing awesome football.

The San Diego Chargers are based at the huge Qualcomm Stadium and have been playing there for some time. This awesome team has broken and made many records; foremost amongst them being the only one to have started a season with a score of 0-4 and then reaching the playoffs, a record that was made back in 1992. The San Diego Chargers also have made a record of being the only team to have started a season at 4-8 and then reached the playoffs. Within the NFL, the San Diego Chargers are regarded as one of the five NFL teams that have come first in both defense and offense in the same season, a record the team made in 2010. This, for a taste of spectacular American football, simply grab San Diego Chargers tickets and get going for a spectacular, mind blowing match that will leave you amazed.

The San Diego Chargers are also one of the four NFL teams that does not have a losing record since the 2004; a full win record for each season from 2004 onwards. The other three teams are older, more experienced and more legendary having existed for over a hundred years. But this team, with hardly fifty years of football bagged, has broken records old teams cant. That is what is called a gigantic football team that never gives up hope and makes amazing comebacks when it looks like it is loosing. The first title bagged by this team was the AFL championship title back in 1963, hardly two years after the team began playing. By 1970, the San Diego Chargers had made it to the AFL five times and won the ADL Championship four out of five times, a spectacular record.

In 1970, the San Diego Chargers joined the NFL when the AFL merged with the NFL. From 1970 onwards, the San Diego Chargers have made football history. The team has made it to the playoffs ten different times and even played at the AFC Championships four times. In 1994, the team also made it to Super Bowl XXIX in a match against the San Francisco 49ers. Six of this team’s players as well as one of the team’s amazing coaches have been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame; Lance Alworth, a wide receiver, Fred Dean, a defensive end player, Dan Fouts, a quarterback, coach Sid Gillman, Charlie Joiner, a wide receiver, Ron Mix, an offensive lineman and Kellen Winslow, a tight end.

The San Diego Chargers have a long running rivalry with the Oakland Raiders. Other rivals of this team include the Denver Broncos, the Seattle Seahawks and the Kansas City Chiefs. In 1992, the San Diego Chargers played one of their most legendary seasons, a season in which they made it to the playoffs despite starting off with a 0-4 record. This team then went on to win eleven of the twelve games, having lost the first, and then won the AFC West championship. The team’s coach won the title of the NFL Coach of the Year by Pro Football Weekly the same year with the team brutally defeating the Kansas City Chiefs 17-0 later on. In 1994, the team broke a record by being the only NFL team to have won the first six matches within the season and then make it to Super Bowl XXIX.

All in all, this legendary team with many titles, championships and records in its closet is the perfect pro football team within the NFL. This team not only plays spectacular football but it is a team that is hardly afraid of going against the big guys, and has done so for many years. This team has even played at the superbowl and any team that has done that is truly remarkable. But the best part of all of this is that you can watch this team play live through San Diego Chargers tickets, a massively exciting experience than watching it on TV.

San Diego Chargers is known by various nicknames such as "San Diego Super Chargers" and "The Bolts". Ten of the Chargers have been inducted in the "Pro Football Hall of Fame" till the date. Among them are, Fred Dean, Dan Fouts, John Mackey, Charlie Joiner, Ron Mix and Kellen Winslow. San Diego Chargers' theme song is "San Diego Super Chargers" which was recorded in 1979. Till date, San Diego Chargers haven't been able to win any Super Bowl, however they have appeared in one once against 49ers. San Diego Chargers tickets are now easily available on our website and can be ordered anytime.

With fifteen division titles and seventeen conference crowns, San Diego Chargers are ready to fight for the biggest honor of all. They have been right in the mix of teams competing for a chance to fight for the Super Bowl come postseason. They have got to take the next step to ensure their legacy among the biggest names in the game. The backing Chargers get from their fans will count for a lot. The best way to help the team is to buy San Diego Chargers season tickets and cheer for them in home and away games.

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