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Oakland Raiders

Oakland Raiders Tickets

The Oakland Raiders have been among the powerhouses of the NFL since their inception in 1960. From the time they began to play to this day, they have gone on to solidify their status among the most formidable of teams in the sport. Multiple division, conference, league and Super Bowl titles are a testament to that. They have a huge fan base which is also known as the Raider Nation. Their supports book Oakland Raiders football tickets way in advance and make their way to stadiums around the country to root for their favorite team. Whether they win or not, the support never fades away!

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Oakland Raiders have raided the football field successfully by winning three Super Bowl and League Championships so far. Representing the Western Division the team plays for the American Football League (AFL) and has been playing since the early sixties. Making a mark in the world of sports wasn't easy for Raiders. The team practiced both on and off the field with the best football coach Al Davis, which ultimately brought them into the limelight. The professionalism of the team has made it maintain a historic rivalry with another strong football team, New England Patriots. Apart from it New York Jets and Pittsburgh Steelers have also ended up in having thrilling matches with the team. The news of the upcoming championship has already set high demands for Oakland Raiders tickets.For Event Schedule and available tickets for Oakland Raiders please click Buy

Football being one of the most popular games of the world also has one of the fiercest and thrilling games than any other sport. Its excitement cannot be measured but can only be felt and when a team like Oakland Raiders is playing then the excitement is increased by many folds.Oakland Raiders is an American based professional football team and represents the city of called Oakland. At present they perform in the Western Division of the National Football League . The team was formed in the year 1960 and became a member of the league after ten years of its formation i.e. in 1970. They played for the first time in the American Football League Season and it was then that the administration decided to take it to Los Angeles. After twelve years they once again decided to return to their home town i.e. Oakland.

At first the Oakland Raiders appeared to be disappointing. They could not perform well and lost a number of matches and were then considered to be a team that was weak and could be easily defeated. Such a start forced the administration and the players to rethink about their strategies and also on the choice of people around them. It was then that they felt the need to change their coach and to serve this purpose Al Davis was made the new head coach of the raiders. This new induction proved to be extremely fruitful and they started winning titles and championships which they lost previously. Davis immediately started working on the teams strategies and his main focus was to improve their offending tactics. He started implementing his style which was called the vertical game . Under his supervision the raiders improved tremendously and his hard work paid off when he was awarded for being the best coach of the year in the year 1963. In 1966 Davis decided to become one of the general partners of team and in order to do this he bought a ten percent interest which was worth eighteen thousand dollars. This made him more powerful as he had the authority to make major decisions about the team.

In the year 1967 they won their first league championship along with three division titles in a row for three years. They also earned an entry into one Super Bowl. Their outstanding performances led thirteen players to become a part of the Pro football Hall of Fame. In the year 1969 the Oakland Raiders won the Western Division Title by defeating the Kansas City Chiefs. In the same year John Madden was hired as the new head coach. His outstanding supervision and guidance they became one of the top teams of the league and won six division titles in the following years.A team that has played one of the most outstanding games of football is a must watch and the Oakland Raiders Tickets give you the right opportunity to witness the aura when one of the best football teams in America enter the field.

The current roster of Oakland Raiders include Micheal Bush, Jacoby Ford and Kevin Boss among the list of others players. The team under the professional coaching of Hue Jackson is well trained to scare the rivals off the field. The championship is just around the corner. Will this game add to the credentials of the Raiders or will the rivals come out as winners this time? This will only be decided once the Oakland Raiders drop into the field with the rival team for a thrilling match. So what are you waiting for? Oakland Raiders tickets are on sale! Hurry and get them as early as you can!

The Oakland Raiders are an NFL giant to say the least. No team can win as many as fifteen division, four conference, one league and three Super Bowl titles by being an average team as their critics sometimes call them. No doubt they have been on a lean patch in the past few years but they will soon bounce back. It is only a matter of time before they go to the top of the league once again. So Raider Nation be ready and buy Oakland Raiders tickets at your earliest as your team is starting its quest for glory.


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