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NFL Pro Bowl

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National Football League Pro Bowl is the all-star game. Since AFL and NFL merger, the exhibition game is known as the AFC-NFC Pro Bowl including top members from both conferences competing against each other. The NFL Pro Bowl is conducted at the end of the regular NFL season. The traditional venue for NFL Pro Bowl is the Aloha Stadium in Hawaii offering fans the best atmosphere to enjoy the pro bowl. Football fans from all over the country gather for the exciting NFL Pro Bowl matches, making the NFL Pro Bowl tickets a rare commodity in the market.
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NFL Pro Bowl is the professional American football game featuring two professional teams; the American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference (NFC). The Bowl is called an all star game for bringing best players from both the conferences to limelight. The NFL Pro Bowl was first held in the year 1939 and continued till 1942. It was put on a hiatus by the NFL to resume in 1950. The next two decades, NFL Pro Bowl was a main American Football attraction. In 1970 the name AFC–NFC Pro Bowl took over NFL Pro Bowl due to NFL’s merger with its rival league the American Football League (AFL). This official change however became rudimentary as the name NFL Pro Bowl has remained predominant throughout its course..

A glance through the pages of NFL Pro Bowl history shows that over the years game has undergone numerous changes. It has evolved into a one of its kind fixture where the essentials; venue, player selection, prize money and even the honors and awards have moved from NFL’s domain to the general public. Pro Bowl selection was a privilege enjoyed by only the coaches and players, has become outdated. The NFL switched to a voting system in 1993. Roster Voting officially inducted coaches, players and fans as well each contributing one third of the votes. A Pro Bowler is selected directly or after a few stages of elimination. Being a Pro Bowler means being an elite footballer, an honor in itself.

After the merger NFL Pro Bowl didn’t have a definite venue. Aloha Stadium, Honolulu became the venue to host this mega event in 1980 and continued till the year 2009. In 2010 it went to Pro Bowl to Miami for commercial and sales targets. However, it came back to Hawaii in the next year.Traditionally the game preceded a week before the Super Bowl. Similar to the venue shift the administration sought more commercial gains from television ratings and hence rescheduled it to the week following the Super Bowl in the year 2010. The prize money for both the winning and losing teams is predetermined by the Bowl. Interestingly, Roster voting wins allow players to enjoy bonuses if they win a seat in the playing teams.

As per the cumulative results of the Pro Bowl held to the year 2010, the AFC and NFC are in a tie situation where each conference owns nineteen wins. One of the most memorable of all was the 1984 battle where the teams engaged fiercely and competed ending in NFC’s gigantic lead of 45-3. Another memorable highlight of the NFL Pro Bowl is the highest scoring game of the NFL Pro Bowl, 2004 won by NFC 55-52. NFC has also lead with the longest winning spell of four years from 1978-1981. The Most Valued Player’s honor and Award is a coveted win which overrides the prior, Player of the game Award.

A once in a lifetime win tags and establishes the subject player’s career and enhance credentials of the team associated with him. Rich Gannon an Oakland raider won the MVP titles in the years 2001 and 2002, making him the sole winner of this marathon. The team with the most number of MVP winners, the Buffalo Bulls is amongst one of the favorite Bowl teams having four titles accredited to its team players. High profile teams like Baltimore Ravens and Denver Broncos and local favorite Cleveland Browns and Carolina Panther remain the unlucky four teams that are still empty handed in this regard. The NFL Pro Bowl also used to award the Outstanding Back, Lineman, Offensive Player and Defensive Player. MVP has taken over all of them.

Since its inception the game’s prime target is to bring powerful team play loaded with the aggressive yet intelligent strategic ground play. However, keeping these goals in mind the foremost intention and responsibility of the Bowl to protect and safeguard these star players from injuries of all sorts. As a player down is taxing on the team, conference and player himself. With its very own rule book intact, the NFL Pro Bowl cut down on moves allowed in the game to actually save the stars. Tight on the offensive end rules makes the defense forwarding and progressive. Limited official media coverage, blitz control and crowd restrains on Punt, PAT or FG tied down the external factors, making the Pro Bowl a safer happening compared to others.

For American Football fans the Pro Bowl is wonderful treat that never disappoints. Therefore NFL Pro Bowl Tickets are a must purchase, to witness the best American professional football in action.

NFL Pro Bowl is played in Honolulu at Aloha Stadium every year since 1980. It is a match between the best of AFC and NFC players and a visual treat for the spectators. Die-hard fans from all over the nation gather to watch the annual clash of the best players. The perfect spot for tourists and the once in a life time chance of meeting their NFL players around the locality are two significant reasons why people start buying NFL Pro Bowl tickets way before the event details come out. It is also known as the highest scoring game in the history of football.

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