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Wynton Marsalis

Wynton Marsalis Tickets

Wynton Marsalis
Naming him as the king of music world will not be incorrect. An American trumpeter, a composer, music director etc. He also happens to be amongst the most prominent jazz musicians of the modern era and is also a well-known instrumentalist in classical music.

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Wynton Marsalis being a music director of Jazz had a profound impact on a young jazz director in the making who compiled his series of inspirational letters to be published as to the young jazz musician.
Marsalis has a consistent positive reputation in the music industry combined with his skills in jazz performance and composition. Sophisticated as he is along with an impressive knowledge of jazz history, and being the classical trumpeter that he is, Marsalis acts as a mentor too for the upcoming and rising youngsters who tend to learn the art of music direction. His fame can be further looked upon with having a number of Grammy Awards and Pulitzer Prize to his credit.
Looking back in history, Marsalis belongs to a family who has been a part of music industry. His father was a music teacher and pianist, not only that but was also a poet, photographer, & network engineer based in Baltimore. And all his five brothers happen to grasp the same line of music as their dad, some being jazz musicians, a drummer, and a saxophonist too. With such a melodious background there is no doubting the fact that Marsalis didn't had to go through the trouble of facing the hardships in reaching the music industry.
At a tender age, Marsalis exhibited a keen interest and aptitude in music, coupled with a strong desire to contribute to American culture. Regarding his keen interest in music, he was given his first trumpet which made him all the more interested in learning more about musical instrument. Then he performed traditional New Orleans music in the Church band. Then there was no stopping for the musician who started getting famous for his hard work and began getting invitations for performing at various places.
Marsalis was also the member of the New Orleans Symphony Brass Quintet in his high school days. Keeping his studies alive and not ignoring his music too, Marsalis used to study in the morning and perform weekly in a jazz band as well as in the popular local funk band. He then journeyed to New York and joined a music school there and soon became centre of every body's attention by his learning attitude. Music is not just about learning one or two instruments alone; in fact it is a whole new learning experience on the whole. There are no shortcuts involved in becoming a successful musician and gain world wide appreciation.
After long learning journey, Marsalis eventually assembled his own band and hit the road, performing over 120 concerts every year for ten consecutive years. His objective was to learn how to play, and to gain more understanding as to how to bring out the best to give to his audience. He also tried to provide innovation in his music and attract more and more public towards his work.
Through an exhaustive series of performances, lectures, and music workshops, Marsalis revived a widespread interest in an art form that had been largely neglected for reason not known. Marsalis was an advocate of good music and used to encourage the youth by applauding their effort in making good music. He gained recognition for the older generation of jazz musicians and prompted the re-issuance of jazz music by making record companies worldwide.
A quick glance at the better known jazz musicians today, reveals many students of Marsalis workshops and members of his formations who learnt a lot of tips about jazz music. Not content to focus solely on his musicianship, Marsalis devoted equal time to developing his compositional skills.
Marsalis has come a long way and has contributed passionately to the world of music, the proof being is immense popularity in the music industry and been given the Pulitzer Prize in music and the Grammy Awards, which it self is an achievement and encouragement to strive again with showing more of his innovative work and guiding a lot of amateurs who want to follow in his footsteps.

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