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Here comes the music maestro, the man who rules the world of modern music! Yes, Tim McGraw is coming to your town, with his music to give you an experience surely out of this world!Samuel Timothy, who is also known as Tim McGraw, is an American actor and country singer. He was born on 1 st May 1967, in Louisiana. He started singing and playing guitar during his college days. In 1987 Tim along with his mother returned to Jacksonville, Florida. There he went to Florida Community College at Jacksonville and studied there for only one term. It was then that he started playing in local bands. In the year 1989 Tim left college and went to Nashville, in order to pursue a career in music.

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In 1990 Tim McGraw signed a contract with Curb Records. After two years he gave his first minor hit Welcome to the Club from his first self-titled album. The album did not top the charts but there were two other minor hits including Two Steppin Mind and Memory Lane. McGraw’s second album entitled Not a Moment Too Soon did what his first album could not do. It was released in 1994 and topped the charts and became the best selling country album. His first single Indian Outlaw though underwent a considerable amount of controversy but it could not hide the immense talent this man possessed.

This song proved to be McGraw’s first top-ten country single and was placed at number fifteen on the pop chart . His album Don't Take the Girl gave another single that was McGraw's first ever number one country hit and from here onwards there was no looking’s music produced excitement among his audience and he started giving consecutive hit albums and singles. His single Down on the Farm from his album Not a Moment Too Soon secured second position on Billboard 200 and also on country album charts. For his outstanding performance, he has won the Academy of Country Music awards for the Album of the year and Top New Male Vocalist award, in the year 1994.

Tim McGraw released his third album All I Want in 1995, which was yet another milestone in the life of such a talented musician. This album secured number one position on the country ch arts that year. It did a record business of selling 2 million copies and reached at number five on the Billboard 200 . In 1996 All I Want Is a Life, Can't Be Really Gone and Maybe We Should Just Sleep on It were the top three hits of the season. Due to his popularity he went on a tour with The Spontaneous Combustion Tour and was accompanied by Faith Hill, whom he married later in the same year.

Apart from singing Tim McGraw has also shown his love for acting. He has performed in supporting roles in Four Christmases, The Blind Side, The Kingdom and Friday Night Lights and lead roles in Country Strong and Flicka . He was acclaimed as an actor through out the world and this further increased his popularity.Tim McGraw Tickets will give you an access into the life and works of such a phenomenon singer and actor who is ready to sweep his audience off their feet. His immense talent sets him apart and his melodious music keeps humming in the ears even long after leaving the theatre.

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