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Sublime with Rome

Sublime with Rome Tickets

For those hardcore fans of the band Sublime, there is hope yet. If you were left feeling depressed with the end of the musical collaboration between Eric Wilson, Bud Gaugh and Bradley Nowell who died in the year 1996, you now have a second chance at hearing those same songs once again. That's right, you heard it correct. Now, Sublime with Rome is coming to give you a series of smashing concerts that are sure to be filled with lots of fun, excitement and thrill. Sublime with Rome tickets are selling like hot cakes this season as music fans all over the world are getting ready to attend this amazing musical extravaganza.

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Sublime with Rome is a band that took the world by storm as soon as they hit the music industry. And over the years, they have gained a fan following in all corners of the world. Now, the rest of the band members of Sublime have joined forces yet again and have also brought along a fresh new member in the form of Rome Ramirez, who plays the guitar for the band. The group was originally performing under their old name in the year 2009 until they were legally prohibited from doing so by Nowell’s estate, as the band no longer included the deceased member so the trademarked venture could no longer be marketed under the same name. Since then, they have added the suffix Rome which is their guitarist’s first name. They have been primarily playing the old Sublime songs to packed audiences all over the country, such as the 2009 Smokeout Festival, a country wide tour in the year 2010 and also releasing their debut album titled ‘Yours Truly’ in the year 2011.
The death of Nowell had left a void and the remaining two band members tried to fill it by playing in other bands. Immediately after his death, both of them started a band called Long Beach Dub Allstars in the year 1997. They used old Sublime songs as well coming up with new material of their own. However the band finally split in the year 2002 and both Bud and Eric went their separate ways. The latter joined the Long Beach Shortbus while the former made two new bands called Eyes Adrift and Volcano.
In the midst of their separate musical careers, both former band mates came together in order to perform in a show in Nevada in the year 2009 again under the name of Sublime. Later that year they added a new guitarist to the collaboration in the form of Northern California native Rome Ramirez. And there has since then been no looking back for these extremely talented musicians. However in the year 2011, Bud left the group as he felt bad about playing Sublime songs without their deceased band mate. He has been replaced since then with Josh Freese.
Sublime with Rome is widely believed to be one of the most popular bands in the world. They have gone through several ups and downs over the course of their career, but have managed to strike back each time. The band is composed of some of the most talented musicians in the world. Their stage presence is believed to be phenomenal as they always make sure to completely entertain their audience whenever they perform.
If you still miss the old Sublime songs, now is your chance to relive those glorious days. Sublime with Rome is on a country wide tour at select destinations. Sublime with Rome tickets are the hottest buy this season. Bring your friends or family along to this amazing event and have one of the most exciting and memorable concert experiences of your life.

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