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Steven Wright

Steven Wright Tickets

Nothing can beat the pleasure we derive from having a good round of laughter. When we have a comedic legend like Steven Wright in the house then there is simply no escape but to laugh at the unbelievably dry humor of the standup comedian. For your dosage of laughter make sure to have your Steven Wright tickets booked and get your shot of that infectious laughter, which is almost synonymous with all Steven Wright shows. Born on December 6, he was always labeled by peers as an odd duck, and his shows speak of his unusual yet interesting personality.
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They say laughter is the best medicine. Well, prepare to have a dose of this incredible drug, as your favorite comedian,Steven Wright is ready to give you another one of his amazing performances.Steven Wright is known for his hilarious one-liners and philosophical and ironic jokes, which he delivers with a sort of lethargic and slow voice. Fans love to attend his shows live, and he continues to tour all over the country, giving performances at various venues. It goes without saying that this will be an event to remember, as this incredible comedian is sure to make you laugh like anything. Don't lose time in booking your tickets from us, and set your laughter muscles in motion!
Steven Alexander Wright was born on the 6 th of December, 1955 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, America. Wright first attended Middlesex Community College, where he got an associate's degree, and then went on to get admission at Emerson College, from where he graduated in the year 1978. He decided to pursue a career in comedy, and started to perform stand-up comedy the next year. He gave several performances at the Comedy Connection club in Boston. His early influences include Woody Allen and George Carlin. In the year 1982, Wright was performing at a comedy club named Ding Ho, where he was discovered by the executive producer of The Tonight Show, Peter Lassally. Lassally offered him to perform at the show, and Wright accepted. The show went on to become a big success, and Wright managed to impress the studio audience as well as the host, Johnny Carson. This resulted in Wright being called back to the show again a few days later.
Steven Wright released his first comedy album with Warner Brothers Records. The album was named I Have a Pony, and it went on to become a huge success, being nominated for the Best Comedy Album award at the Grammy Awards. This resulted in him getting a spot on HBO, where he was shown performing live at a college. The show was called “A Steven Wright Special.” By this time, he had a large amount of fan following all over the country. His show on HBO turned into one of the most popular and longest running shows of the channel, getting a large amount of requests and great feedback. In the year 1989, Steven Wright won an Academy Award for a thirty-minute short film that he had produced along with Dean Parisot. The film was named The Appointments of Dennis Jennings, and it starred Wright himself alongside Rowan Atkinson. Wright also managed to get a role in the TV show named Mad About You in the year 1992. He went on to write and direct another thirty-minute short film in 1999. The film was titled One Soldier. It was a story about a soldier in the Civil War, and the experiences he went through during the war.
Steven Wright released a stand-up special in the year 2006. It was named Steven Wright: When the Leaves Blow Away, and was aired on the 21 st of October, 2006 on Comedy Central. The DVD of the show was available on the stands on the 23 rd of April, 2007. In the September of the same year, Wright released the second part of his album, I Have a Pony. The album was named I Still Have a Pony, and it went on to become largely successful, being nominated for the Best Comedy Album award at the Grammy Awards. Steven Wright has won several awards and accolades, such as an Oscar for the Best Short Live-Action Film in the year 1989. This was awarded to him for his film, The Appointments of Dennis Jennings. In addition to this, he was also inducted into the Boston Comedy Hall of Fame on the 15 th of December, 2008.
Now this outstanding comedian is all geared up to make you roll with his hilarious jokes and unique style. This is sure to be an incredible event, as this talented comedian never fails to give the audience a great time due to his witty jokes and humor. Tickets are in high demand for this show, so you better hurry up and book your Steven Wright tickets fast if you want to catch the comedy king in action!
Most stand-up comedians inject a lot of hype and drama in their routines, often breaking out in snickers and theatrics to trigger or sustain the audience's mirthful response. However, Steven Wright doesn't get all antsy as if he's got a bad case of the worms or something.
Born in the midst of the post-war boom in the mid-fifties, Steven Wright was raised in a catholic family under parents of Italian and Scottish descent. After graduating from Emerson College, he started doing stand-up comedy in 1979 and got his breakthrough three years later with an appearance on The Tonight Show.
An instant hit with the host Johnny Carson, Steven Wright kept on rolling one punch-line after another and released his comedy album I Have a Pony in 1985. A Grammy nomination for "Best Comedy Album" and an HBO special later, Steven started developing a loyal cult following of comedic devotees.
With a comic delivery style bordering, nay entrenched in catatonia, Steven Wright's dead pan humor springs his audience into one fit of uncontrollable laughter after another. Having a knack of turning popular idioms on their heads, such as "Curiosity killed the cat, but for a while I was a suspect," he retains his fans' intellect through his jesting.
Having picked up a "Best Short Live-Action Film" Oscar for his 1989 The Appointments of Dennis Jennings and a Grammy nomination for "Best Comedy Album" the second time around with his 2007 CD release of I Still Have a Pony, Steven is a comedic veteran. So book your Steven Wright tickets now for some thought-provoking comedic enthrallment.
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With his confusing logic, his views on life combined with dead pan humor Steven Wright Tickets introduce audiences to a unique laughing therapy. The irony in his stand up routine is sure profound making one think on different lines altogether. Spotted on the twenty-third number of the Comedy Central's list of 100 greatest comedians makes Steven Wright tickets hot commodities among entertainment lovers. Looked upon for accidently and single handedly finding the alt-comedy movement along with an Oscar-winning short film Steven Wright has sure established himself as a top notch comedian of our times. Find out what awaits you at his upcoming show.

We Pride ourselves on selling Steven Wright Tickets cheaper than E-Bay, StubHub or TicketsNow

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