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Rush Tickets

Toronto, Ontario based Canadian rock band Rush came into being in 1968. It currently comprises of Geddy Lee on lead vocals, keyboard and bass, Alex Lifeson on guitars and Neil Peart on drums. Most of the songs by this band are also written by Neil Pert who replaced John Rutsey and joined the band in 1974. Lifeson can also be called the founder of the band as it was his initiative supported by Jeff Jones and John Rutsey to begin singing together. The band was still new and had performed only once when Jeff Jones , the lead vocalist and bassist left it and was replaced by Geddy Lee. Ray Danniels was the first manager of the band who himself used to be a fan who attended the first few performances by the newly formed Rush.

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Self titled first album by Rush was released in 1971, an endeavor that was appreciated greatly by the music fans. Most of the critics found it influenced by the legendary rock band Led Zepplin . Recognition for the band spread outside the local area once their debut album was played on a radio channel WMMS that was based in Cleveland, Ohio and made it to their regular playlist. This was marked as one of the major initial successes for Rush and increased the popularity so much that the album was released again by Mercury Records after some time.

John Rutsey said good bye to the band soon after the first album was released, owing to his deteriorating health as a diabetic patient as well as his dislike for extensive touring with the band. After some auditions, the new drummer was selected for the band, named Neil Peart . The band had some major changes in its general format and focus of lyrics, largely because Peart had an imaginative personality and liked his music to be about fantasy, science and mystical topics. It was in 1975 that the band released a new album titled Caress of Steel , an album with which were attached many of the band’s high hopes and expectations that the alum failed to come up to.

2112 was the title of their new album that followed Caress of Steel , and despite the recording company’s pressure to create a commercially oriented album, was again a representative of Rush’s original musical taste and style. Despite the risk the band took while releasing this new album, 2112 was a great commercial success. It was the first platinum rated album that Rush produced, and provided a reason for members to celebrate in initial years of formation of the band.

The upcoming years after 2112 brought some change to the kind of music Rush produced, turning it into more progressive. The band created music that seemed to be influenced by Van der Graaf Generator , Yes and King Crimson . Over the years their music involved more of new wave and reggae elements, and their album released in 1980 titled Permanent Waves was an exhibition of this trend. After early 1980s the band involved more use of synthesizers in its songs, and this experimentation came in front of the world in form of their album titled Signals . This trend, nevertheless, did not stay for long, and after 1989 the band showed a drift back towards its original music. This was appreciated greatly by the audience and their albums released with the titles Roll the Bones and Presto , and their songs released until their 1993 album Counterparts . The subsequent albums and songs released show an increasing guitar oriented trend in the band.

In its journey spanning over 40 years, Rush has produced some of the masterpieces in the field of music and rock industry. 14 albums by Rush have been rated Platinum by RIAA, and over 24 albums have received a gold rating. For anyone who wants to enjoy the performance by some of the masters of Rock music, Rush Tickets provide just the right opportunity.

Band Members
Alex Lifeson
Geddy Lee
Neil Peart

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