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Regina Spektor

Regina Spektor Tickets

Regina Spektor tickets invite all fans hunting anti-folk, baroque, indie rand blues pop in a live attire. Regina Spektor is undoubtedly a star songwriter and singer who offers just that. A hardcore musician and vocalist, Spektor sings and plays from her heat. This Russian born, Bronx bred singer came and became the sensational wave of anti-folk in mainstream music. Her first hand experience with piano, guitar and bass guitars lead her to create intelligent are purely eclectic music. Her music has always been a matter of personal identity; she bears marks of dual cultural impressions alongside her strong links with her Russian Jewish roots.

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Inspired by her imagination and personality insight she started making music and writing songs. Numerous influences molded Spektor; from the classic Beatle mania fan who loved Bob Dylan and Billie Holiday. She dwelled into progressive punk and alternative stream appreciating acts like Radiohead and Frédéric Chopin. Hence she oscillated between the traditional side of folk, Jewish, Classical, Russian and jazz alongside mainstream side of punk, rock and hip hop. All this facilitated her to create her signature musical style that hardly compares to any other artist. One day she is inspired by refrigerated meatballs and the others she wants to head bang! She sings it all...
Regina Specktor’s vocal range told her to go beyond limits and use unorthodox vocalization and instrumentation of the traditional piano, guitars and the relatively modern beat box. She also screened her voice and discovered unique sounds that helped her craft her trademark the glottal stop. A thick New York and Bronx inclined accent made her impression even stronger with lyrics telling abstract tales of abstract characters generated in her own mind.
Coming off a musical family and her roots in Moscow where she had her first piano lessons learned to play piano. She saw music in the Russian colors from the beginning to date. However the transition from Moscow to New York’s Bronx, and absorbing the American culture was rather simple. She saw everything in the colors of music. Indulging in intensive and extensive piano practice and play, she pushed herself into formal classical training at the SUNY Purchase Music Conservatory. Herein she explored and discovered music like never before; exposed to genres form rock to blues and jazz as course load she met numerous performing artists. It was a life changing interaction with star Billie Holiday that scouted Regina Spektor to go ahead to mainstream.
The artist struggled in the mid nineties till the beginning of the new millennium; playing gigs in basements of houses, clubs, cafe’s, parties and places that allowed live music to strum. Her live experience at the NYC’s café circuit became a groundbreaking push. It allowed her to present herself to the world of music with her very first self titled album in 2001.The album manifested her idiosyncratic and provocative style brilliantly. More so, it proved her a piano prodigy whose authentic compositions and lyrics were bound to take her places. In the wrap of harmonious melodies her voice and words found genuine meaning. Winning appreciation for her refreshing, inspirational and original musical persona, Spektor was a star already shining bright.
From her debut album to the follow-up Songs (2002), Spektor cling to her stance all along. However, apart from a growing fan pool she earned associations from the music fraternity that helped her compiling her third album. Soviet Kitsch was a record that was recorded in New York and London in collaboration with numerous artists. She also won a deal with Sire Records who undertook the release of this album. While enjoying commercial success and recording in studios, Regina Spektor toured extensively. Acts namely The Strokes, Mates of State, Kings of Leon and Kimya Dawson collaborated on stage with her. The concert stage became the celebrating ground for album Mary Ann Meets the Gravediggers and Other Short Stories (2006).
Begin to Hope, the singer’s fifth album came out in 2006 to become a monster hit cracking charts. Three years of live touring and recording enabled Spektor to put up her new album Far (2009) followed by her debut live compilation Live in London ( 2010). Elizondo teamed up with the star in 2011 to work on What We Saw from the Cheap Seats. This release was already a hit with the unprecedented success of single All the Rowboats. She supports the album though a concert tour this season. This anticipated performance can only be seen with Regina Spektor tickets in hand. Grab a deal today!

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