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Preservation Hall Jazz Band

Preservation Hall Jazz Band Tickets

Preservation Hall Jazz Band is one of America 's most famous jazz bands and groups, a household name in the world of jazz music. This amazing jazz group is behind some spectacular songs, albums and live performances the likes of which few jazz acts are capable of today. Hailing from the city of New Orleans in the US state of Louisiana, Preservation Hall Jazz Band have been making headlines since back in the sixties and are the premier jazz group in the US. Additionally, this jazz group is itself made up of several more groups and bands, many of which are famous not only in New Orleans but also in America and many other parts of the world. This is a jazz group that releases its music through its own label, Preservation Hall Recordings and calls Preservation Hall, also located in the city of New Orleans home. From back in the sixties to today, many have carried Preservation Hall Jazz Band tickets around in order to see and hear the finest jazz live in all its glory.

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Preservation Hall Jazz Band, a jazz group hailing from New Orleans and found in New Orleans’ own Preservation Hall, not only plays traditional jazz but also Dixieland Jazz. This is a group famous for its unique blend of New Orleans jazz, one of the finest forms of jazz that this group also spreads all over the world including in the US . The main aim of the group itself is to preserve the heritage of traditional and Dixieland New Orleans jazz music; indeed, this is music that was born in New Orleans and spread through the Riverboats that plied the Mississippi River with their wares and spread fiene jazz to the south. Jazz by this group is therefore jazz at its finest and at its very best; this is jazz by the people who made jazz what it is today.

Preservation Hall Jazz Band traces its roots to the nineteenth century jazz music that spread from New Orleans ; as a group and as musicians, the sixties were the main starting hall. The home of this jazz group, Preservation Hall in New Orleans was founded in the sixties and has since then been home to the group, a legend in the world of jazz. Since the sixties, many bands and acts that make up the Preservation Hall Jazz Band have been performing at this venue. Today, this group and its several bands also tour not only the US but all of the world for over one hundred and fifty days of the year; a jazz band that spends half of its year touring and performing live is definitely a jazz band no other band can match let alone be compared to.

Preservation Hall Jazz Band, the best when it comes to live performances of the finest jazz, tour for more than half a year each year in different places all over the world and are a living jazz icon. Their mission also isn’t anything commercial but a matter of culture, heritage and tradition; their aim is the preservation of this unique style of music that was born and evolved in New Orleans as well as spread this style of music all over the world. Thus, this is a band that plays world class jazz not for a commercial aim but plays it as a tradition and as part of a grand mission to spread New Orleans jazz and preserve its heritage in today’s modern world.

Preservation Hall Jazz Band has starred in many films including the hit film, The Cincinnati Kid. When it comes to awards and honors, Preservation Hall Jazz Band has been honored with the highly coveted National Medal of Arts.

This awesome jazz group has also performed as part of Goin' Home: A Tribute to Fats Domino in which the group performed When The Saints Go Marching . This jazz group is also a regular live act on TV; in 2011, it performed I’ll Fly Away live on the Late Show with David Letterman. This National Medal of Arts winning jazz group is therefore an act to look out for through Preservation Hall Jazz Band tickets for the finest jazz in America and the world through Preservation Hall Jazz Band tickets.

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A:You can get the details of the seating arrangement from the seating chart mentioned on the page of Preservation Hall Jazz Band Irvine Barclay Theatre Tickets.

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