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Pixies Tickets

Boston , Massachusetts based alternative rock band Pixies emerged into the music scene way back in 1986. Comprising of four band members, the band spread its name in United Kingdom and Europe more than its native land. The band unfortunately split in 1993 but later reunited in 2004 thus bringing life to their distinct singing style. Their music primarily hits upon the key elements of surf rock and indie rock music style. Black Francis has been the key songwriter for the band thus making lyrics which give them fabulous hit ratings besides being the howling crowd at every show. The major focus of the lyrics has always been the topics apart from the ordinary trend. These include biblical violence, surrealism and even extraterrestrials.

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Complemented by many as a major influence on the alternative rock music that boosted in 1990’s, the group disbanded itself soon before it could reap more benefits from this influence. Many other bands including Nirvana of Kurt Cobain acknowledged the contribution of Pixies thus giving strength to the band for building up its legacy and popularity. This popularity amongst the ever increasing fans helped the band a lot as it came back into the music industry in 2004.

The band had a very humble beginning when Santiago and Francis met each other during their studies in the university. Later their love for music and passion to take it seriously helped them in making a formidable team that conjured up together as Pixies. Santiago selected the band name “pixies” as it resembled what they were, ‘a group of little mischievous elves.’ Initially like any other band, they played in and outside the bars but eventually they made up to the top when they were picked up by Gary Smith, the producer at Fort Apache Studios . Gary was so confident of their talent that he even remarked that he could never sleep until ‘you guys are world famous’. A 17 track album titled The Purple Tape was recorded in a record time of three days thus bringing it to the market with immense hopes. Ken Goes, a local promoter became band’s manager who passed the demo to Watts-Russell of the independent label 4AD .

Their first full length album was Come on Pilgrim but the follow up album Surfer Rosa was the only album that hit the market with a big bang thus bringing name of Pixies in the international market as the top favorite too. Surfer Rosa gave Pixies acclaim in all over Europe thus the singles Sounds and Melody Maker contributed greatly in winning Surfer Rosa Album of the Year award. Although the cold American critical response was of much surprise to all, the album was eventually rated Gold in US in 2005. Doolittle the next album was a farewell from the traditional raw sound of Come on Pilgrim and Surfer Rosa , thus it was applauded by music critics and fans alike making it a Top 20 modern rock radio hit in the US and Top 100 in the US .

After the release of Doolittle, the band had some growing tensions amongst its group members thus making it almost uncontrollable especially when Deal refused to play at one of the concerts in Frankfurt . The rising bone of contention to include the distinct style of music in the album was not accepted by Francis thus forcing him to take a harsh decision eventually. At the end of New York tour, the band announced hiatus thus giving time to each member to think and reconcile on their own. All the band members thus took a break and either went on a vacation or worked on their solo projects. Finally in 1993, Francis thought of announcing their dissolution during an interview to BBC Radio 5 . Eventually in 2003, few telephonic contacts forced the band members to get united for rehearsals. By 2004 a complete tour was announced thus the tickets sold out like hot cakes.
The band was once again given a huge welcome by the fans thus making it a huge come-back. The band toured all over the world and grossed a total of almost $14 million in ticket sales alone. Such a huge following and a massive applause has always to do with immensely great music. Let’s not miss this opportunity and get Pixies tickets now as they are surely going to be remembered all through our lives. Grab the opportunity now!

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