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Sometimes you feel that even with so many entertainment options available to us, we are still missing out on real entertainment. While most people are happy with just going to watch a musical concert or stage show, some people are just tired of the same old entertainment options. This is why entertainment companies like Cirque Du Soleil that bring a new form of entertainment have become so popular. People are looking for something new to watch. The same old music and dance numbers do not inspire them anymore. They want a form of entertainment that brings together art, music and visual arts.

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This is the kind of art that Momix brings to the stage. The company was started by popular choreographer Moses Pendleton in 1981 and it has been entertaining audiences with its unique entertainment for more than thirty years. Pendleton is a big name in the field of dance and stage entertainment as he has been performing on stages for more than four decades. He first started with a dance troupe in 1971 right after his graduation and choreographed a number of shows on stages all over the US. His work won him his first award in 1977, even before he had started his magnum opus. He worked with a number of TV shows and films and even choreographed music videos for the like of Prince. It was in 1981 when he decided that Momix was the thing that would truly realize the choreographer’s true potential and let him show the audience what he wants to deliver.

Momix is not just a dance performance or a dance troupe. The shows put on by the company are not simply choreographed dance routines; they are completely intimate experiences that the audience goes through. The show uses visual techniques and lighting effects to trick the audience into seeing what isn’t even there on stage. By the clever use of lights and costumes, Momix is able to show you some incredible sights. Every show that is put on by Momix has a different theme. All the costumes, the music and the choreography are arranged according to the mood and style of the chosen topic.

Till date, Momix has created 7 shows that are included in its repertoire. These shows are performed all over the world and have won awards in Italy as well as the US. These shows include ‘Orbit’ – a show that plays with the idea of zero gravity and makes it look like the performers are floating in the air with the use of clever props and visual techniques. A similar show by them is ‘Lunar Sea’ – this show gives us an idea of what a dance performance would be like on the moon. It uses black light and clever costumes to give the crowd an amazing visual spectacle. The show ‘Passion’ is a combination of the choreography of Pendleton and the strong musical score of Peter Gabriel. This intense performance is one of the most heart-touching of all Momix performances.

The show entitled ‘Baseball’ is a modern art representation of America’s favorite pastime and shows the sport in all its glory. ‘Opus Cactus’ is the company’s representation of the American West and plays a tribute to the desert by using clever imagery that show cactus shapes dancing and slithering about. ‘Botanica’ is the newest show created by Momix and it covers all types of natural themes which take the crowd into a journey through nature and its beauty. ‘reMIX’ is a compilation of some of the company’s most popular and fan favorite routines and performances.If you are looking for entertainment that you wouldn’t find anywhere else, Momix Tickets are the key to a whole new experience. Make sure you have your Momix tickets in hand the next time this magical dancing troupe rolls into town.

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