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Los Angeles Philharmonic

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The Los Angeles Philharmonic is an orchestra that holds classical music exhibitions. Based in Los Angeles, California, the orchestra begins its concerts in October and ends them by July. The end of season shows are one of the biggest events, usually attracting the largest crowds. These are then held at “Walt Disney Concert Hall”. The orchestra also plays a summer leg of their concert series where they perform at “Hollywood Bowl” throughout the time in between the main season. The symphony is currently being led by Gustavo Dudamel, who serves as the musical director and by Esa-Pekka Salonen who is the conductor laureate. Los Angeles Philharmonic tickets for the main season can be found online.

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Even though they are at heart a classical music orchestra, they have earned a reputation of being very contemporary minded musicians. Critics have pointed out that they are not afraid to break boundaries if it means it will lead to a more refined sound. They are innovative and are not afraid to take risks, which has become the focal point of the admiration they receive. Because of their fresh take on traditional music, they have become one of the most talked about groups of their kind. Their ambition as a team is to create the future and be forward in their approach. They are of the opinion that what holds so many orchestras back is that they are obsessed with recreating the past. The Los Angeles Philharmonic believes that even though the classic should be touched from time to time, it has had its run, and orchestra should work on being original and creating their own legacy, lending something for the future generations to play. They believe that as far as compositional work is concerned, symphonies are going through a period of drought, and they need to bring the innovative and inventive spark back.
The orchestra began in 1919 by a man called William Andrews Clark Jr. He was a part time violinist and work as a baron. He is singlehandedly responsible for the establishment of the symphony orchestra. Although it was intended to be a group that performs on location, by the end of the 1980s, it became a touring orchestra as well. By 1992, they had many successful international tours under their belt. Under the watch of Salonen, the company improved leaps and bounds and got good reviews from critics everywhere they went. They also began the trend to combine concert and opera into one event. This started at the “Salzburg Festival” and has continued on ever since. At the festival, they had performed the “St. Francois d’Assise”, a difficult and complex opera. This ended up becoming the group’s most iconic performances and won awards and accolades for both Salonen and the musicians. The following year, Salonen took over conducting at the “Lucerne Easter Festival”. This, too met with so much critical acclaim that over the next few weeks, the press would follow the orchestra around to every performance, each wanting to give the first review.
By 1994, Los Angeles Philharmonic tickets were sold in Taiwan and Japan. The international tour expanded everywhere—there were now 6 countries in Europe on their repertoire and 3 in South America. This was in striking contrast to where they started from when they first began to tour.
As far as their local shows are concerned, they are performed at the “Walt Disney Concert Hall”. It was originally designed by Frank Gehry and is said to be amongst the most sophisticated halls for music. The acoustics are near perfect, and allow for a traditional style of performance where equipment is not even necessary. It also provided a aural and visual intimacy which makes each audience member feel like the concert is being played to them. This type of dynamic is hard to achieve in a traditional music hall. Each year, the orchestra receives generous help from Lillian Disney, and many other music enthusiasts and preservation activists who help in putting together the most technically sound and sophisticated events in the world. 
The Los Angeles Philharmonic has become one of the top orchestras in the entire country. Its demand overseas is growing every day. Their roster is now filled with the top musicians, conductors and composers of the country. Their nationwide tour begins in the summer, where they perform all through the East Coast, especially in New York, and in some cities of the South. The remaining season is spent touring around the world.

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