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Legends In Concert

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Marilyn Monroe croons and gurgles while she moves seductively and then coos her way from the stage to the crowd, alighting on a seemingly unsuspecting audience member, and after playing with his hair and driving the poor bloke insane with her sultriness, makes a graceful exit. Next comes Elvis "The Pelvis" Presley, thrusting his moneymaker and mouthing his songs in his signature style, bidding adieu with a "Thank you, thank you very much". The pop minx Britney Spears bobs in next, shaking her derrière and singing in her usual high-pitched nasally manner, and is followed by Lady Gaga sporting her trademark shades ...Ok, ok you might say that where the former two performing sequentially might have been a possibility but the latter two weren't even born when "Elvis left the building" and probably neither had their parents when the Playboy star overdosed into the ether. Hence, either your anachronistic displacement is an outcome of taking a ride on a time machine or crossing over into a parallel universe. However, it is more likely that you might be holding on to some Legends in Concerttickets. Though not as old as the legends of the Greek and Indian mythology, the Legends in Concert phenomenon started out almost 3 decades ago. In 1983, a company called On Stage Entertainment produced a show as part of a six-week deal with the Imperial Palace Hotel & Casino in the Sin City that would feature impersonators of some of the most renowned and beloved musical acts of the 20th century. However, the seminal stint of this musical celebrity tribute show snowballed into a much bigger ball game and started incorporating more impersonated acts in its lineup, travelling all across the US and beyond. The Legends in Concert show's success has propelled the company On Stage Entertainment to acquire its own 21,000 square foot office space and facility as well as a work force numbering in the hundreds that conceptualizes, designs, costumes and technically executes Legends in Concert as well as many other productions.

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Though Legends in Concert has a number of different versions playing out in various locations, such as Harrah's Las Vegas Casino & Hotel, Myrtle Beach in South Carolina, Branson in Missouri and Bally's in Atlantic City, the format of a typical show remains more or less the same. The show is opened by its emcee Jay Leno, with Jordan Carroll serving as the prominent jawed impersonator, who proceeds to let loose a few quips on the current state of affairs a la the real talk show host/car enthusiast and then introduces Barry White. Baritone Barry lulls the crowd with his deep and velvety smooth voice and after declaring "Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Babe," is followed by the buxom Dolly Parton who flaunts all her assets, from her pouting red lips to her poofed up blonde hair. Her flirtatious fun is upped by Madonna who waltzes in next in her iconic conical bust ensemble and titillating prances "Like a Virgin" and then breaks all out "Like a Prayer".

With The Temptations continuing the musical facade, other acts are thrown in for good measure, ranging from Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, the other King Michael Jackson, Aretha Franklin, Little Richie, James Brown, Rod Stewart, Prince and The Beatles, who are played by The Mop Tops. The scintillating finale of Legends in Concert is performed by 'The King' himself, played by any one of the dozen odd Elvis impersonators that are associated with the company. All the performers are accompanied with a cohort of dazzling dancers who attire themselves to the distinct theme of each of the main acts, with the sizzling showgirls reserved for the bejeweled crooner himself.

The Legends in Concert series has enthralled over a 100 million fans over the past 29 years and has toured all over the world to places such as Russia, Australia, Africa, China, Europe and made appearances on major television networks, such as MTV, ABC and BBC. The show has also secured a number of industry wide accolades such as "Entertainers of the Year" and "Show of Shows" from the International Press Association. So for witnessing a melodious saga unfold in a musical Valhalla, book your Legends in Concerttickets now.

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