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Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld Tickets

The guy with a funny bone, Jerry Seinfeld takes up the centre stage once again. He is known as one of the most hilarious guys on earth. He started in the late seventies, has been revered and imitated by new generation of comedians. Some of the most eminent followers of Jerry Seinfeld's style of comedy are "Mitch Hedber", "Kevin Bridges", "Ricky Gervais" and "Carol Leifer". His observational style of comedy came into prominence for the first time through the television series Seinfeld. The fame of his show still follows in his stand up comedy shows, Jerry Seinfeld Tickets sell out for almost every show.For Event Schedule and available tickets for Jerry Seinfeld please click Buy

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He came, He saw and He conquered! In the comedy world the only one who had the power to conquer hearts and keep them awestruck is Jerry Seinfeld. He introduced the American world with this generation’s humor. A lot of us remember him from his role in the famous sitcom Seinfeld . He has been more than just a star on that show; he is one of the iconic comedians, performing his live gigs internationally. His straight faced humor has outlasted many over the top comedians with their short-lived fame.

His comedy style is inspired from great comedians like Bill Cosby, Abbott and Costello, Don Rickles and Robert Klein . He has taken up observational comedy as his biggest tool. He loves talking about everyday life situations and human behaviors. His joke about people being more afraid of Public Speaking than Dying has been a popular example of his style. Jerry Seinfeld can’t get enough of his gender differences talk; how men have a totally different take on things than women. He can be satirical about things that people can’t even think of. Who can come up with seedless melons apart from this guy? And when nothing else is working then talking about American culture is his best bet. A lot of comedy artists have taken cues from his dark humor. Some of the most mentionable names among them are Mitch Hedberg, Carol Leifer, Kevin Bridges and Ricky Gervais .

Jerry Seinfeld has completed over three decades in the industry and has evolved by producing better comedy every time. His gigs have something new and exciting to offer. His avant-garde shows have given him the popularity very few artists get to see in their lives. His comedy journey began with open-mic night performances at the New York City. He made his debut on television by playing the delivery boy in Benson . After a while he made some unforgettable appearances on ‘The Tonight Show’ starring Johnny Carson and ‘Late Night with David Letterman’.

After citing his immense talent on these shows, Jerry Seinfeld was soon offered a sitcom by NBC. He developed the show with Larry David and named it, The Chronicles of Seinfeld . In the show he was actually lampooning his real life personality. The name of the show became ‘Seinfeld’ and was a huge hit. In his show he used his inspiration to create something original. His biggest inspiration was from The Abbott and Costello Show . He also took up a little bit of Jean Shepherd style in his comedy. Later, he recognized Jean Shepherd for playing a major part in nourishing his comic sensibilities.

Once the show went off-air, Seinfeld returned to his first love; the stand-up comedy. This was the time when everyone speculated that he will be the next big thing of Hollywood. But he liked proving them wrong by taking up career in live entertainment. He went on his first tour and recorded a stand-up comedy show for HBO called I'm Telling You for the Last Time . The show was very well received all over. Entertainment Weekly went to the extent of calling his work worth Preservation. It was nominated in Grammy Awards as the ‘Best Spoken Comedy Album’. This was last time he ever used Seinfeld – the show’s bits in his live gigs. He continued performing his comedy sketches on major shows including The Jay Leno Show and Saturday Night Live . His sketch in the show Really!? ! was an absolute hit.

Jerry Seinfeld has been performing in live shows, starred in many commercials, produced movies and has also written books. He has a lot of action in his life and he manages to keep it that way without being scared of reaching out of his boundaries. His book “Seinlanguage” has made him a bestselling writer. His is once again returning to the stage with his brand new live tour. He will be touring all across the country, with his best comedy gags ever seen before. If you are interested in watching him perform live, then order your Jerry Seinfeld Tickets now!

Jerry Seinfeld has a distinct reputation for his clean cut comedy style. His acts are hilarious with undertones of sarcasm on the politics, culture, gender differences, human behavior and everyday life. His knack of improvising interesting real life bits to his acts makes him convincingly funny. He has completed over three decades making people laugh and is determined to keep his comedy at the forefront in the coming days as well. He is coming to your city with a series of refreshingly new gigs for his fans. If you are one of them, order Jerry Seinfeld Tickets right away.


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