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Girls Only The Secret Comedy Of Women

Girls Only The Secret Comedy Of Women Tickets

Born from the sweet and earnestly funny writings of two girls who discovered their femininity in their old diaries, Girls Only: The Secret Comedy of Women is a show that combines humor, improvisation, sketch comedy, hilarious songs and videos and audience participation, resulting in a show full of raucous laughter from the crowd. This is a play that reminds women of their own feminine similarities, and their charming and funny nature.Celebrating the silliness, humor, truth and honor of being a woman, Girls Only: The Secret Comedy of Women is a unique play that explores all things girly. This is a must watch show for all women as it makes them realize the special bond that exists between them. Tickets to this exciting show can be obtained right here, so get a move on and get yourself to this incredible performance!
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Girls Only The Secret Comedy Of Women

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The Girls Only: The Secret Comedy of Women is a show designed solely for women. The original production of the play was performed to tremendous approval, making it an instant success. The cast only includes two women, Linda Klein and Barbara Gehring, both of whom are also the creators of the show. After the first performance of the show, Gehring and Klein set to work in the year 2007, and hit the stage once again at the Avenue Theatre in the year 2008, in Denver Colorado. The show ran for six weeks, with a sold out performance every night. It became the hottest performance in town, finally being extended to seven weeks due to popular demand. The play was run at the Garner Galleria Theatre continuously for almost 2 years, being played to 96,000 females and grossing almost 2.5 million dollars. It has also performed in places such as Minneapolis, Winnipeg, Charlotte, Des Moines and many more as well.
Girls Only: The Secret Comedy of Women makes sure that the girls in the audience can relate to each and every experience going on at the stage, making the crowd participate and feel connected with the actors. This is precisely why the show is such a big hit with the audience, as they can relate to it in every way, due to all the feminine subject matter such as slumber parties, shadow puppets, teenage diaries, tampons, pantyhose, menopause, menstrual cycles and various more things, all depicted in a funny yet charmingly unique style. It has all the fun for a girls night out, and women of all ages enjoy the show immensely. The play takes female oriented entertainment to a whole new level, and results in an audience full of laughing and applauding women.
The setting of the stage of Girls Only: The Secret Comedy of Women is depicted to be the bedroom of a pre-teen, and designed to extreme accuracy, from pink frills to posters and stickers. The show is part sketch comedy, part musical, part puppet show and combines a mixture of all things associated with females. Women should bring friends and family along with them to watch this hilarious comedy, as this doubles the fun of the show. If you have ever kept a secret diary, gone to a slumber party, laughed at silly things with your friends or been through the awkward twists and turns of the teenage years, then you will without a doubt love this performance. It is a perfect way to cherish your femininity, and to be able to laugh and cry along with the memories of your own girlhood. The humor of the show is appreciated by all women, as each one can relate to it in one way or another. This fascinating comedy brings all women together in their journey of life, linking them through the thicks and thins of womenhood.
If you are looking for a girls night out with your friends, then this is the show you're looking for. You will surely enjoy this great performance, wanting to come back every time the show is performed. Have the wonderful and glorious experience of being a girl with Girls Only: The Secret Comedy of Women. We have the best Girls Only: The Secret Comedy of Women tickets for you, so secure them fast and have a blast at this outstanding performance!
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