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Gerardo Ortiz

Gerardo Ortiz Tickets

Gerardo Ortiz, the Latin music sensation who has rock the world of Latin music with his mind blowing, breathtaking hit singles is an excellent live performer who has numerous awards to his name and sales ranking him as one of the best selling American latin musicians. This awesome artist was born back in 1989 in the city of Pasadena within the great state of California . At a very young age, Gerardo Ortiz developed an interest in singing and so he began doing so when he was thirteen years old, a very young age. From then on, it was all an uphill journey and today, this artist has topped the Billboard charts and established himself as the very best in the latin music world, a latin music icon. Thus, for some of the most sensational latin music heard or seen live, simply fill your pockets with Gerardo Ortiz tickets.

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Gerardo Ortiz

Events Location Date Tickets
Gerardo Ortiz at Los Angeles on 10/2 Microsoft Theater 10/2/2021 8:00 PM View
Gerardo Ortiz at Sacramento on 8/1 Heart Health Park 8/1/2021 3:30 PM View

Gerardo Ortiz Tickets Information

Gerardo Ortiz was born in Pasadena , California in 1989 and started singing when he was just thirteen years old, a very young age for a latin music star. At that age, he began taking part in the Codigo FAMA program and from then on, he began making headway into the latin music scene. He has live in many parts of the world including Mexico and Colombia but it is California that he calls home and California where he grew up. This artist is today widely regarded as one of the greatest latin artists in the corridos and the narcocorridos music scene.

Starting at a young age, Gerardo Ortiz learnt the basics of music in music theory and became an instrumentalist when he learned how to play the guitar as a professional musician. He even began composing his very own songs at a young age and it was these songs that formed a foundation for his work today. From his debut onwards, his romantic has captivated many Latin music fans all over the world including most of America and in particularly the narcocorridos latin music scene. He earned the nickname El Hijo de Sinaloa at the start of his career with his first album, Encuentro de Amor, being a massive hit in America and in many other parts of the world where his music genre reigns supreme.

Hardly some time passed that Gerardo Ortiz was back again with yet another album, Hijo Abandonado, an album that again became very successful with its songs topping the charts. This album also featured collaborations with El Canelo de Sinaloa, yet another amazing latin music artist and also the uncle to Gerardo Ortiz. Soon after, Gerardo Ortiz released the album La Pasadita, yet another incredible hit. Following La Pasadita was the spectacylar Amor Prisionero, an album that was sensational in that it featured some awe inspiring hit singles that dealt with the various issues Gerardo Ortiz was facing in his adolescent life.

Gerardo Ortiz’s latest album is the 2011 Entre Dios y el Diablo, a smashing album that topped the Billboard Latin Albums charts as the Best Selling Album. This awesome album contained a good number of hit singles and managed to push older artists like Don Omar down the charts to gain the top number one spot on the Billboard Latin Albums Charts. This album fortified Gerardo Ortiz position as the ultimate artist in the Latin music scene and many fans of Latin music have flocked to his live performances to get a look at the man who has topped the Billboard Latin Album charts.

When it comes to awards, Gerardo Ortiz is hardly lacking in these. These extraordinary, chart topping artist with around four albums to his names has receive numerous awards. Foremost amongst these are the Billboard Mexican Music Awards, the very first awards of their kind. In this award, Gerardo Ortiz has received not one but ten different nominations in ten different categories of the Billboard Mexican Music Awards. Once these awards take place, Gerardo Ortiz will also have pocketed a number of Billboard Mexican Music Awards and critics as well as fans expect him to bag each and every award he has been nominated for.In short, if you are looking for the best Latin music in America , the best place for this at a live concert by Gerardo Ortiz and the only way to watch this Latin music maestro live is through easily available Gerardo Ortiz Tickets.

Here comes the sensation who will give you the taste of the spicy Latin American music in the typical cow boy style that is meant to give you a skyrocketing experience and make you wonder that you have landed into another world of music when you listen to his hip numbers. Yes it is time for you to grab your Gerardo Ortiz tickets to enjoy the salsa in the music and to blush your ears with some real Puerto Rican music which has a completely different air of melody towards it. Gerardo Ortiz is the new music sensation with a different style and something very original and real to offer from his land. You will feel the music as it will give you those acoustic jiggles in your veins.

Ortiz began his career around a decade back. He is not only a singer but also an actor and therefore infuses such great energy into his performances that he creates an entirely different ambience in his concerts and makes you into a Puerto Rican wonderland. He has inherited the art to perform from his father who himself was a great entertainer. As a result of his family background, his fist works and appearance appeared on television where he appeared in a children’s comedy show Los Angelitos by WAPA TV and he was only seven at that time. In 2002 he also appeared in the famous Lizzie McGuire Show as a Latin star. Moreover, he also appeared in a romatic web based series Engaged and has also appeared in a number of other serials and television shows in a full role and even guest appearances.

The artist has also completed a lot of successful tours around the world. His tours are famous in Europe and in South America and he really puts across a great show for his audience. It is just not the singing talent that comes on the forefront but also his acting skills which greatly complement the songs that he presents. His songs are loved by all who have a taste for country music and traditional Latin music as well. Well, that is really what Ortiz is good to perform at. Apart from the songs that he has to offer, Ortiz presents an entertainment package on his show which is just loved by his fans. He has a great audience of fans in the whole of America as well as Europe. So if you really want to rock and get those acoustics wiggle your dance steps, then it is time that you experience what this star has to offer to you.

Puerto Rican music is a great treat to give to your ears. You will surely enjoy each bit of this music when it is presented to you by Ortiz and you will feel the real thunder. There are number of country musicians but this man brings it straight from the Latin world so that you enjoy it to the maximum. Well versed in his own language, Ortiz presents live and also records his singles in the Puerto Rican language and it is even more overwhelming to enjoy his numbers in the South American dialect and language through out. Gerardo Ortiz has charm of making his fans go crazy and time it is your turn to get into action and jazz your life up with all that he has to perform and offer to you.

During his live performances, you will see his acting skills turn out as well. He not only sings well but acts well too. His movies such as Expecting a Miracle by Hallmark Chanel Productions also gained international acclamation and won the hearts of many of his fans. This time too, he is touring and will perform in your city to make the best of the evening for you. Be ready to rock and enjoy the Latin American music to the fullest. You will realize that this fall, it is time to enjoy the music to the fullest. So hurry up and be a go getter. Ortiz has something unique to offer and make your money worth the entertainment that he shall give. It is the time to dance up to those Latino tunes and create the magic that was never seen before. Make haste and grab your Gerardo Ortiz tickets now and feel the real essence of the Latin music. So be prepared to listen to something different and something real this time. Go Latino!

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