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Five Finger Death Punch Killswitch Engage

Five Finger Death Punch Killswitch Engage Tickets

Two of the country’s most loved heavy metal bands are joining forces to bring together the best rock show of the year. These bands are Five Finger Death Punch and Killswitch Engage. Together, they are hoping to bring what would be the most electrifying combined tour that has ever been presented in the country. Metal heads and fans of the bands should get Five Finger Death Punch Killswitch Engage tickets before they run out!

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Five Finger Death Punch Killswitch Engage

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Five Finger Death Punch Killswitch Engage Tickets Information

Five Finger Death Punch is a heavy metal rock band based in Los Angeles, California. They are often abbreviated as 5FDP and FFDP. Their name of their group was inspired by various martial arts films and actors. When they were formed back in 2005, they were made up of five members: Ivan Moody, the lead vocalist, the two guitarists Caleb Bingham and Zoltan Bathory, Marr Snell the bass player, and Jeremy Spencer, the band’s drummer.  Eventually, some members left and were replaced by other musicians. In 2006, Bingham left the band and was replaced instead by Darrell Roberts who only stayed with the band for two years. The second change in the guitarist was found with Jason Hook. In 2010, the Snell too decided to part ways with the band. It was a whole year before a replacement was found and Chris Kael took the bass in his place. With their brand new lineup, the band is ready once more to perform their latest work on tour. If you are in the area, be sure to buy yourself Five Finger Death Punch Killswitch Engage tickets.
After the band was formed, it took them about two years to put together an album that would best represent their sound. Thus, in 2007, their first record, “The Way of the First” hit the stores. It seemed that the heavy metal market was wide open for performers like them, for an album was all it took to propel the band to success. Their good fortune was fast growing, and they achieved more in their first year than do most bands of their nature. Therefore, the road to a show like the Five Finger Death Punch Killswitch Engage has been quite steady thus far.
Their first album soon attained gold certification in sales. Fans were demanding a follow up and the band delivered in 2009 with an album called “War is the Answer”. With this record, the band one-upped themselves, proving to everyone that they had the potential for longevity and could deliver more than just the first time. The increase in their popularity was confirmed when their second album received a gold certification as well. By this time, the band had also established themselves as exciting live performers. Still, they have improved miles from what they used to be all those years ago. Moreover, the rapid sale of Five Finger Death Punch Killswitch Engage tickets is evidence enough that while their core fans have remained loyal, they have earned a healthy amount of new fans as well.
At the Five Finger Death Punch Killswitch Engage show, the most featured music would be the one from their third and latest album, “American Capitalist”. It was released in late 2011, but even in the short amount of time since its ousting, it has done brilliantly on the heavy metal charts. In an industry that is so dominated by manufactured, label driven artists, the appreciation for Five Finger Death Punch’s music is unmatched. They are considered the hearts of most rock festivals, having performed at several since the beginning of their career.
Also part of the show would be the metalcore band, Killswitch Engage. They are the Grammy nominated group that are often considered as the originators of metalcore. Consisting of Jesse Leach as the lead singer, Adam Dutkiewicz and Joel Stroetzel as the two guitarists, Mike D’Antonio as the bass player and Justin Foley as the drummer, the band has become a multiplatinum selling act since their arrival in 2004.Their latest endeavor would be performing at the upcoming Five Finger Death Punch Killswitch Engage concert. Hopefully, this show will feature some of their new music which many fans have noted has been long overdue.
The Five Finger Death Punch Killswitch Engage show is thus going to be a treat for heavy metal lovers. The two talented bands will combine their expertise and performance skills to bring together a hardcore rock extravaganza. Moreover, as the audience will consist of fans of both the groups, this seems to be a show worth going to.

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