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Fear Tickets

For fans waiting for industrial metal grooves and the intense sound that Fear Factory represents the wait is over. Fear Factory tickets are up on sale and the time to catch the American metal band live is here. The band has made a niche for itself with its unique music that comprises of eight full length albums. Their technical sound aptly compliments their themes that center on the reflection of the mechanical society we live in modern times. The exclusive combinations of sounds ranging from death, alternative and industrial sounds mark their authenticity and give them their distinctive image. Several of the bands albums have appeared in the top Billboard charts and with years of quality music Fear Factory seems to be going strong.

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Events Location Date Tickets
Bill Engvall at Wilmington on 10/3 Cape Fear Community College's Wilson Center 10/3/2019 8:00 PM View
Grinning from Fear to Fear at Chicago on 8/24 Second City - Chicago 8/24/2019 8:00 PM View
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas - Film at Los Angeles on 8/29 Ace Hotel - Los Angeles 8/29/2019 8:00 PM View
The Isley Brothers at Wilmington on 8/30 Cape Fear Community College's Wilson Center 8/30/2019 7:30 PM View
Grinning from Fear to Fear at Chicago on 8/31 Second City - Chicago 8/31/2019 8:00 PM View
Cape Fear Arts In Motion: Kinetic, Energetic & Poetic at Fallston on 9/13 Thalian Hall 9/13/2019 7:30 PM View
Cape Fear Arts In Motion: Kinetic, Energetic & Poetic at Fallston on 9/14 Thalian Hall 9/14/2019 7:30 PM View
Wilmington Symphony Orchestra: Sterling Elliott - Brahms & Tchaikovsky at Wilmington on 9/21 Cape Fear Community College's Wilson Center 9/21/2019 7:30 PM View
The Four Italian Tenors at Wilmington on 9/24 Cape Fear Community College's Wilson Center 9/24/2019 7:30 PM View
Dark Harbor at Long Beach on 9/26 Queen Mary Events Park 9/26/2019 7:00 PM View
Dark Harbor at Long Beach on 9/27 Queen Mary Events Park 9/27/2019 7:00 PM View
Dark Harbor at Long Beach on 9/28 Queen Mary Events Park 9/28/2019 7:00 PM View
North Carolina Symphony: Grant Llewellyn - Enigma Variations at Wilmington on 9/28 Cape Fear Community College's Wilson Center 9/28/2019 7:30 PM View
Dark Harbor at Long Beach on 9/29 Queen Mary Events Park 9/29/2019 7:00 PM View
Gipsy Kings at Wilmington on 9/7 Cape Fear Community College's Wilson Center 9/7/2019 7:30 PM View

Fear Tickets Information

Having fear as its name the band never expressed any apprehension to push its limits and readily experimented with new styles. During its career many influences can be traced in their music. From death, groove to thrash metal the group has incorporated all influences to come up with their unique style. Starting from death metal sound, over the years Fear factory released several albums that marked its shift to a more industrial oriented metal sound which found appreciation in the music circles.
Fear Factory has a history that goes back to 1989 when Dino Cazares and Raymond Herrera came together to follow their common music interest. Cazares is known to be responsible for making the choice of the lead vocalist who was Burton C. Bell. The band name at the time was Ulceration that was changed a year later to be Fear Factory. The name was changed to suit their style of music that was qat the time death metal oriented.
For Fear Factory the most successful period was the 90s. Since the band formed it has seen several changes in its lineup. The only member to have remained with the group from the beginning is Burton C. Bell.
In 2002, due to personal differences the band fell apart for a while. It came up with changes in the band members with Dino Cazares missing from it who later joined the band again in 2009. The new addition in 2002 was Byron Stroud who joined the band as a bassist while Christian Olde Wolbers switched from being a bassist to be a guitarist. When the band again changed its line up in 2009 it caused a controversy which resulted in a legal battle between the band members.
Controversy is something the band had to deal with regards to their albums also right from the time they made their beginnings when they released their first demo album titled, Concrete. It was recorded in 1991 and was suppose to be their debut album. The band however, was not particularly happy with the music and their producer Ross Robinson and did not release the material which resulted in a legal fight between them. 
With Robinson winning the rights to recording he released the album in 2002. The band having the rights on the songs re-recorded them and included them on their debut album titled, Soul of a New Machine released in 1992. With it they introduced a new style of industrial death metal that soon caught up with the masses. The combination of growls with melodic vocals was something unique. The scientific approach with mechanical sound, industrial electronics and conceptual themes they made a mark in the music industry that has been a source of influence for many.
For several years now, Fear Factory has been giving albums and successful songs to its loyal fans who love the particular kind of music they produce. With their distinctive sound they have received acclaim from the music circles and from their fans. Apart from various album releases and amazing tours, the band has also given music for movies and performed at popular festivals. If you want to enjoy a performance by the band that has remained true to its music over the years then now is the time to get Fear Factory tickets be entertained.

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