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Duran Duran

Duran Duran Tickets

Modern music industry has become so competitive that musicians not being able to create music above a certain quality cannot survive for long. Being a single hit fame is easy, but to maintain the fan following, musicians and groups have to keep working hard consistently and keep on reinventing their music, like Duran Duran.
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Based in Birmingham , English band Duran Duran was founded in 1978. The band enjoyed unparalleled success during the decade of 1980s, with many of their singles being ranked among top positions on international charts. The band comprises of Simon Le Bon, John Taylor, Nick Rhodes and Roger Taylor at present while significant members that have been associated with the band in the past include Warren Cuccurullo, Sterling Campbell, Andy Taylor, Stephen Duffy, Andy Wickett, Jeff Thomas, Simon Colley and Alan Curtis .

In the late 1970s during the formative years of Duran Duran, the two founder members, Nick Rhodes and John Taylor , were together at a night club named Rum Runner , where their jobs also included being a DJ as well as working the door. With extensive practicing and rehearsing, their music matured and soon the band started performing at the neighborhood clubs. Their performances at the nearby clubs and venues brought some recognition to them, especially at the Barbella’s Club , where other renowned bands like The Clash and The Sex Pistols also used to perform. The name Duran Duran also came as an inspiration from Roger Vadim’s movie Barbella , where the villain was named as Dr. Durand Durand.
As Duran Duran was becoming increasingly recognized locally, more musicians joined in, including Simon Colley and Stephen Duffey . Their performances improved with the passage of time, attracting more and more fans in every show. The band often used an electronic machine initially for the drums and percussion, but Roger Taylor joined the band in 1979 and became the first drummer for the band. It was then that Duran Duran started recording their demo tapes, and for the first time some formal organization of the band was done. The Rum Runners Club management began working as the management for the band, while at the same time helping them financially while they worked as DJs, doormen and helping them with the club customers.
The band released their first studio album in 1981, with EMI label, titled Duran Duran. The album contained singles that reached among top 20 positions on UK charts. The album also contained a single titled Girls on Film , that later featured one of the most controversial videos for the band. As the band members narrate, it was a project purely for commercial reasons, and their sponsors wanted them simply to make a video that contains stuff that keeps it under discussion. The video featured some semi nude girls, a reason the video could not be played on MTV without being edited, and being banned on many channels. Nevertheless, the band achieved their purpose as Girls on Film was one of the most discussed video of its time, for all the right or wrong reasons.
Through the earlier half of 1980s, the band released some more singles that provided them a good start for their international career. Is There Something I Should Know? was the single Duran Duran added to their re release of first album in 1983 that reached number one position on UK charts soon after its release and reaching number 4 position on American music charts. Their subsequent releases like Seven and the Ragged Tiger, Arena, Notorious and Big Thing in later part of 1980s moved their ratings further high and made Duran Duran an international fame. Their videos were especially famous for being some of the first of their kind, to be directed by professionals, and being shot by 35 mm film movie cameras and using modern technology for their better quality.
Duran Duran continued producing great quality music through the latter half of past century and has continued its traditions through 2000s by releasing some of the chart toppers like All You Need Is Now. With a lot of number one hits on their credit and millions of fans worldwide, Duran Duran Tickets promise you the excitement you had always been looking for!

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