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Daniel Tosh

Daniel Tosh Tickets

Daniel Tosh has been bringing smiles to millions of faces across the globe with his sarcasm and observational comedy for almost a decade. His natural way of expressing random events humorously does not only rank him among '10 Comics To Watch' by Comedy Central but also makes him audiences' favorite TV host. Starting off with his career in 2001, he has made appearances on famous television programs including Jimmey Kimmel Live and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, among many others. His casual style of subjecting the routine instances of life in a comic way makes him specifically famous among the college crowd.

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The artist's live performances are always packed with a great audience. Keeping this in view we have already stocked Daniel Tosh Tickets for his upcoming event.For Event Schedule and available tickets for Daniel Tosh please click BuyDaniel Tosh is a renowned standup comedian, who is presently best known for his TV show on the best comedy channel out there, Comedy Central, titled as Tosh.0 . Born back in 1975, Daniel Tosh grew up in the outskirts of Titusville in Florida and studied at the Astronaut High School, graduating in 1993.

He then went on to pursue a degree in marketing at the University of Central Florida from which he graduated three years later in 1996. This is in itself surprising since many artists usually drop out of university to pursue their careers but this shows that Daniel Tosh is a responsible person who sees everything he works on to the end, a quality that ensures that standup comedy produced by him is of the very best quality.Before working as a standup comedy, Daniel Tosh worked as a marketer after which he moved to Los Angeles from Florida. Daniel Tosh says that his comedy skills are a result of growing up in Florida, a state he humorously wraps up as ‘flat, hot and dumb’.

Daniel Tosh began working as a standup comedian after graduating from college and first toured in the comedy club circuit. One of his first big shots was as part of the New Faces in Just for Laughs , held in 1998 in Montreal. His particular performance was shown on TV in Montreal as performed at the Théâtre Saint-Denis. Daniel Tosh first moment of fame came, alongwith a career break, when he performed on the Late Show with David Letterman , one of the most popular shows in the US. Soon after a performance on this show, he was asked to perform on other similar shows.

Daniel Tosh then performed at the fun filled Jimmy Kimmel Live! as well as a performance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. He also had a brief stint on Premium Blend, a Comedy Central show. In Florida, he worked as the host of a local late night comedy show known as Ten. His work thus far landed him the role of spokesperson for Taco Bell commercials, an excellent opportunity for him to increase his audience while earn money at the same time. 2003 saw a new beginning with a special in the Comedy Central Presents series, with yet another special, Daniel Tosh: Completely Serious , performed in 2007 on the same channel. Thus, a man invited to perform on shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live! is definitely a man worth laughing at through Daniel Tosh tickets.

Daniel Tosh was also the host of one episode of the famous Comedy Central show, Live at Gotham , as well as regular guest on The Bob & Tom Show . His first role as an actor on a movie was on The Love Guru , a move starring Mike Myers. His present Comedy Central show, Tosh.0, began back in 2009 and is a show in which Daniel Tosh showcases the very best of video clips found on the internet, mostly through YouTube. He is widely known for his so-called ‘envelope pushing’ style of standup comedy, earning him a gathering of fans and a unique style of standup comedy. In fact, Daniel Tosh’s show on Comedy Central, Josh.0 , is the highest rated non-animated show on Comedy Central, beating even shows by Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart based on a ranking in 2010.

Daniel Tosh has described his routine as ‘Groundhog Day’ like the Bill Murray film, something he states is similar with other comics. His latest special on Comedy Central, Happy Thoughts , was broadcast in March 2011 and had a staggering viewership of 3.25 millions, exceeding even that of his regular show, Josh.0, a truly phenomenal moment. In Daniel Tosh’s discography comes True Stories I Made Up released on CD in 2005 followed by Daniel Tosh: Completely Serious, released on DVD in 2007. Happy Thoughts was released on both CD and DVD in 2011.

Josh.0 averages around 2.2 million viewers leading The Daily Show by 200, 000 viewers and The Colbert Report by 800, 000 viewers, a very remarkable achievement that shows a comedian of caliber within Daniel Tosh. Thus, if you are a fan of Josh.0 , you need no pushing for you to simply grab Daniel Tosh tickets the first opportunity you get and rush to see the man behind the show perform his hilarious gags live.

The fake autobiographical and a great observational comic, Daniel Tosh is ready to drive the audiences crazy with laughter once again! With an ability to deconstruct a joke, he plays with the audiences expectations, surprising them with a new aspect of the subject every time. A master of toying with the audience, Tosh ensures to keep them engaged throughout his performance. The artist's standup comic shows are among the most awaited events of the year. This time with a set of all new jokes, he is ready to entertain his fans live! Daniel Tosh Tickets are already available on sale! Get them before they are all sold out!

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