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Bob Seger

Bob Seger Tickets

Bob Seger is widely recognized as a 'roots rocker' in the music industry. For a period of five decades, the artist has been entertaining the audiences with rock and roll music. His hit soundtracks include 'Like a Rock', 'Turn the Page', 'Night Moves' and many others of the like. The artist getting appreciated for his music worldwide has won several awards and has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Taking the influence from the legendary artists such as Elvis Presley and Little Richard, he has come up with many blue collar themes, which have charted at top positions. Continuing with the tradition the artist has released sixteen albums to date with TBA being the latest one.For Event Schedule and available tickets for Bob Seger please click Buy

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Bob Seger

Events Location Date Tickets
Hollywood Nights - Bob Seger Tribute at Newport News on 11/20 Diamonstein Concert Hall - CNU Ferguson Center for the Arts 11/20/2070 8:00 PM View
Against The Wind - Bob Seger Tribute at Greensburg on 4/27 Palace Theatre - PA 4/27/2021 7:30 PM View
Hollywood Nights - Bob Seger Tribute at Northampton on 4/3 Calvin Theatre 4/3/2021 8:00 PM View
Against The Wind - Bob Seger Tribute at Niagara Falls on 7/3 Bear's Den Showroom At Seneca Niagara Resort & Casino 7/3/2070 3:30 AM View
Hollywood Nights - Bob Seger Tribute at Aurora on 8/6 RiverEdge Park 8/6/2021 8:00 PM View

Bob Seger Tickets Information

Bob Seger has been bringing his rock tunes to delight his millions of fans around the world for decades now, but his musical talents are still praiseworthy and admirable. The talent which was brought forward from Detroit, spread like a wild fire all over the world and earned Seger a huge fan following. Bob Seger tickets have always been the favorite of every rock music lover and have been the most popular. Fans get to see Seger spreading his charm through his hearty vocals and immense musical talents and they never miss out on a chance to see him live in a concert.

Tracking down his musical history, Seger started his career by performing and recording as The Bob Seger System. After some years, Seger started off without the 'System' and started working with other bands. Seger got the most successful collaboration with the band "The Silver Bullet Band" which he formed in 1973. He got his initial breakthrough by releasing two solo studio albums, Live Bullet, and ensemble of live songs and Night Moves, a studio album.

With musical influences of Elvis Presley, James Brown, Little Richard and Van Morrison; Seger surfaced on the rock music scene with the band The Decibels and joined the band, The Town Criers after the disbandment of The Decibels. Seger left The Town Criers for a band which had more following than the former, Doug Brown & The Omens. Working with Doug Brown, Seger produced a songs, "East Side Story" for the band The Underdogs which did not turn out to be successful and which done with the Last Heard became highly popular and was recorded under the label of Cameo-Parkway Records.

Seger then signed a record deal with Capitol Records which changed the name of the band to Bob Seger and the System. Going solo, Seger gained a moderate fame but got a lot of fame when he became a part of The Silver Bullet Band and got a big breakthrough with his album, Night Moves, which became a chart topping album because of a unique turn of style Seger adopted for the album. From then on, Seger kept climbing up and up the ladder of success, releasing chart topping albums and growing his fan base evermore. The artist also collaborated with various big names of the music scenes on many occasion and the resultant music was as much praised as his other work.

A new studio album of Seger came out in 2006 which was titled Face the Promise. The album sold millions of copies and the concerts and tour it ensued sold out in minutes making him a well deserved Rock n Roll Hall of Famer. Currently working on a new album, Seger will bring more amazing rock for the fans and topping with a tour, this year will turn out to be an excellent one for the artists and for the fans. Ramblin' Gamblin' Man, Mongrel, Beautiful Loser, Stranger in Town, like a Rock and Face the Promise are among the studio albums of this amazing singer/song writer who was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2004. His all-time highest selling album to the record has been his compilation album, Greatest Hits, which has sold almost ten millions albums according to a count in 2010.

The current tour of Seger will bring back the oldies from his early work and fans can also expect that he will be bringing new songs at his concerts as well. It's been some time that fans have seen a legend like Seger in a live concert but this year can be lucky as fans will get to see him in a live concert. With Seger on a live tour, Bob Seger tickets will become something of a hot commodity which fans can only get hold of by acting well in advance. This is chance to check Seger out in cities like Cleveland, Toronto, Atlanta, Nashville, New Orleans and Auburn Hills. All you have to do is book a couple of Bob Seger tickets and then get ready for rock music unleashed. The voice behind the number one hit songs like "Old Time Rock & Roll", "Ramblin' Gamblin' Man", "2 + 2 = ?" and "Night Moves" will rock you to the core. Bring your friends along to attend Seger's concerts and we guarantee you a time that you will be cherishing for infinite times!

Seger released his next popular Album "The Distance" in 1982.While The Distance featured "Shame on the Moon," his biggest hit single to date, it had a record breaking sales of a million copies which shows his unmatched popularity.Seger also began to drastically reduce his recording and touring schedules -- he only released one other album, 1986's Like a Rock, during the '80s. Like a Rock and its supporting tour were both successes, paving the way for "Shakedown," a song taken from the soundtrack to Beverly Hills Cop II, to become Seger's lone number one hit in 1987. Four years after its release, he returned with The Fire Inside. Although the album went platinum and reached the Top Ten, it only appealed to Seger's devoted following, as did 1995's It's a Mystery, which became his first album since Live Bullet to fail to go platinum, leveling off at gold status.

Also during 2004, Seger was working on his first new album in 10 years, titled Face the Promise which was released on September 12, 2006. The first single, "Wait For Me", landed on radio in July.Bob Seger is well known for his rocking live performances. His classy and shouting voice enthrall the audience, keeping them excited throughout the concert. The incredible guitar strumming and the melodious tunes of piano define the unique and signature style of the artist. Having a large fan following, his musical concerts have a huge spectatorship statistics with the events tickets all sold out well before the date of the concert. So all rock music lovers out there, the artist is all set to tour your city! Bob Seger Tickets are already on sale. So rush off and grab them as soon as possible!


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