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Bassnectar Tickets

The one man act Bassnector can really turn a dull evening into a happening one. Mixing beats with his keyboard synthesizer he really knows how to get his audiences bang their heads and shake their booties all night long. This talent machine never gets tired of making music which is why his fans get to see him putting up an excellent shows throughout the year. Book your Bassnectar Tickets to be a part of a mob that constitutes of fashion experimentalists, ex-ravers, hippies and reggae heads will all be there packed in one steamy room of grinding, orgiastic expression and musical experimentation called, Bass ritual or to be precise, Bassnectar.

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Strictly speaking Bassnectar is a break beat-oriented dance music incorporating electronic beats in it as well. The whole act is carried out with respect to public relations and sponsorship deal with Red Bull. Bassnectar is DJ ht producer and remixer, Lorin Ashton also known as simply, Lorin Bassnectar. Audiences get to witness around twelve dozen people performing on stage, these are all guest performers adding all the more flavor to the show. This freewheeling affair of a show has an array of performers of stage ranging from graffitti and video and artists to rappers, DJ’s and instrumentalists.

Ashton himself began working under the name Bassnectar in the late 1990’s. Ashton’s work draws influence from the annual festival which takes place in the California desert every summer, Burning Man Festival. Debuting 2002 with hit single, "Float" he got a larger share of fans than he expected. The first single was soon followed by another "Creation Lullaby" and a downtempo album, Tempo Rosso. All was released as a promo item for Red Bull. The first full length album Basnectar can be credited for is Mesmerizing the Ultra, followed by Underground Communication two years later in 2007.

The album combines together different musical styles and emotions to form a concoction which serves as visceral punch in mo0dern day music. When melodic tunes are amalgamated with forceful ones a sound is created. A sound that resonates the surrounding doors as well the emotions deep within sure serves as mood lifter for all present out there.

Playing nearly two hundred shows a year, Bassnectar has a habit of performing to packed arenas across the nation. Starting form national festivals to tightly packed bars and warehouses Basnectar’s infectious tunes have wrapped everyone in the chain of entertainment. Bassnectar’s sheer popularity is reflection of how the society craves for substance in modern music. Bassnectar's self definition is pinned down as "A free-form project that merges music, art, new media, social involvement, and community values; dedicated to a constantly evolving ethos of collaborative creation, self reinvention, and boundary-pushing experimentation." These indeed are the words most press materials have used for Bassnectar and the music it creates. His music in an all-engulfing experience as it combines sound force and weight to create music which is hard hitting having profound lyrics.

Find out what happens when strange sounds are fused with classy ones to bring out something which is truly original classified as cutting edge music. The brainchild of Loren Ashton, the whole gamut of affairs exists as an open source musical project which is diverse as well heavy, raw at the same time meticulous and fierce as well as imaginary. Tickets to this one do a superb job so make sure to book your deals just in time. Witness this larger than life musical event for the first time or feel free to rediscover the magic of it all once again. Grab your Basnectar tickets and be prepared to have a rocking evening!

In the world of Electronic music, Bassnectar needs no introduction whatsoever. Hailing from Santa Cruz California, his live performances are known to be extremely energetic and lively, which is why he manages to gather huge numbers of his loyal followers every time he comes out to perform live. His performances feature heavy beats that are further supported by the harmonic light show. Through his music and performances, Bassnectar also supports Conscious Alliance, a Non Profit group.

Bassnectar’s music style involves major usage of wobble bass and underground dubs that are fused along with the samples from the mainstream music hits. And the end result comes out to be a unique electronic mix of the song that is distinct in its own right. Moreover, Bassnectar also employs other techniques like shifting tempos, rapping, pitch shift, synthesized arpeggios and various sorts of vocal samples. Apart from his regular concerts, Bassnectar also headlines at his own Bass Center Festival. Last time the festival was held at the First Bank Center in Broomfield.

The festival came out to be a huge success and was sold out soon after the sales of the tickets started. The festival repeated the feat of being a success story for the second consecutive year as well. There’s a reason why Bassnectar’s concerts sell out pretty soon. And if you’re a true fan of his music, you must know that you should grab your Bassnectar Norfolk Tickets before it sells out.

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