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Australian Bee Gees Show

Australian Bee Gees Show Tickets

Australian Bee Gees is a show whose chief aim is to give tribute to the all time famous group called Bee Gees . People belonging to all parts have the world have been appreciating the efforts this group has put in to meet its goal. They have produced outstanding music which has touched the hearts of millions. With the help of their performances history is relived and it feels that the legendary Bee Gees are performing on stage. The beauty of the whole show lies behind the respect that the members of the group has for the Bee Gees . The original line up consists of Michael Clift, Tony Richards, Dave Scott , Wayne Hosking and Mike Mitchell .

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All the members of the Australian Bee Gees Show exhibit outstanding talent and great passion for music. This can be seen from the harmony with which they produce the beautiful tunes and rhythm of the music they are playing in the show. Michael Clift is on Vocals and is also a guitarist. His love for music can be traced back to the very early years of his childhood. When he was eight years old he started learning the guitar and from then onwards there was no stopping him. When he turned thirteen he was able to form a band of his own at school and he also became a member of the school orchestra. Clift’s experience has been extremely valuable for the show. After finishing school he earned a diploma in the Music and started touring extensively. He took his band called the Red Tape all round the world and in the year 1996 he joined the Australian Bee Gees Show and since then he has been working with them in reproducing the music produced by the Bee Gees and they have surely become one of the most popular Bee Gee show in history.

Wayne Hosking is the guitarist, vocalist and also plays the keyboard at the show. He belongs to a family of musicians and this influence has made him extremely talented. He started learning the piano from a very small age and he started his career by singing in night cafes and restaurants located in different parts of Melbourne. He later on formed a theatre company of his own called the No Mates and became a director as well as a stage performer. His experience in producing and giving stage performances has helped the show immensely and in the year 1996 he realized that his talent had the capacity to create wonders and it was then that he decided to join the Australian Bee Gees Show.

Dave Scott another member of the Australian Bee Gees Show is the vocalist and the guitarist at the show. He belongs to New Zealand and has been working with one of the best musicians present in his country. He started playing the guitar when he was ten years old and later on completed a diploma in music. In the year 1989 he shifted to Australia and became a member of the show. His presence has been extremely fruitful in producing the kind of music that they present to their audience at present. Tony Richards who is at the bass guitar in the show is from New Zealand as well. He is a Melanesian and Micronesian trained musician whose parents were from the music industry as well. When he moved to Australia he performed and worked with many famous musicians and artists of the country and performed in the musical called We Will Rock You . He adds a lot in the Australian Bee Gees Show and always makes his presence felt. Mike Mitchell is at drums in the show. Like all other members his qualification and talent is suitable to make music that would remember the beautiful music made by the Bee Gees .

Australian Bee Gees Show tickets will give you an entry into a world where one of the most brilliant musicians to have existed on the face of the earth are being remembered.

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