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Atmosphere Tickets

Starting as an underground band, Atmosphere soon became a hip hop sensation. Since their debut every music fan has been praising the work of this band and looking forward to their live performances. This music group, which is made up of Slug and Ant, has gained a lot of commercial fame and working with different projects since 1989 has now become one of the most famous hip hop groups. With six studio albums and numerous EPs, Atmosphere has given a lot to the fans to enjoy and even more fun comes with Atmosphere tickets with which fans can enjoy the live music of the group.
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Atmosphere is one of the most famous indie and an alternative hip hop band to have come out of Minneapolis, Minnesota . The original members of the band were Derek Turner also known as ‘Spawn’, Anthony Davis known as ‘An’ and Sean Daley alias ‘Slug’. Other initial members were Mr. Dibbs and Brett Johnson . Out of these, only Ant and Slug are still with the band and enjoying immense commercial success.

The band started in 1989 when Slug, Ant and Spawn met in a high school where they all went and came together as, “Urban Atmosphere”. In those early years, Slug used to be on the turntables and Spawn used to rap. Later on both of them started to rap, with Ant producing records. The band underwent a name change, Headshots , who later became, Rhymesayers . They were essentially, The Abstract Pack, Black Hole, PhullSurkle, Musab, Ant, Spawn, and Slug. This band released seven cassettes which won them much needed acclaim both from their fans and critics. The talented group had also started to appear on National Public Radio or NPR.

In 1997, the band “Atmosphere” which had maintained its own identity, independent of other bands and the Rhymesayers, released its first studio album, Overcast! This album and especially its hit single, “Scapegoat”, won Atmosphere not only national airtime but also fans and critics approval. It made them more than Minneapolis’s band. “Scapegoat”, became an instant hit on college campuses, winning them lots of fans in the form of a younger crowd. The band, in order to promote their work, worked the local scene and regularly performed at hip clubs like 7 th Street Entry and First Avenue. They in collaboration with other bands further released two albums, Deep Puddle Dynamics and The Dynospectrum . Both of these albums were rap albums, making Atmosphere even more known and famous.

By this time, the band had started to become a national sensation, touring all over the United States. They toured the East coast as part of Ford One Tour , wherein they performed on 21 occasions. In 2001, they released Lucy Ford , an LP, which was essentially a combination of their earlier EP’s namely, Lucy Ford EP and two Ford EP’s. It was such an instant hit that the band had to re-release it as their official LP. With this success came more recognition and Atmosphere not only started to perform even more in the US but also at various venues and cities in Europe.

In 2002, God Loves Ugly was released, which was their second studio album. The album enjoyed even more success than its predecessors had and sold well over 130,000 copies, worldwide. In order to promote this album, Atmosphere toured not only North America and Europe but also went to Japan. How hectic and demanding their tour schedule was could be gauged from the fact that they performed at sixty venues in only seventy-one days. Two of the singles from the album, “God Loves Ugly” and “Modern Man’s Hustle” won them the attention of major record labels like Warner Brothers, Sony and Interscope. However, their preference for independence made them stay away from any major record deals.

Seven’s Travels , their third studio album was released in 2003. The underlying tone of the album was dark and heavy since it touched social subjects like depression, alcohol, and relationship problems. This album is considered to be Atmosphere’s most critically acclaimed album. It had hit singles like, “Lift Her Pull Her”, “Always Coming Back Home To You” and “Denvermolorado”. The band went on to release even more successful albums like The Family Sign , When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold , You Can’t Imagine How Much Fun We’re Having , along with many more critically acclaimed EP’s.

Atmosphere is considered to be one of the longest performing and the most successful independent hip hop groups of all times. The reason that they have been able to survive without signing a major record label deal is because of the originality of their lyrical content and great music playing skills, not to mention the soul-stirring vocals. The band now comes to your town, so buy Atmosphere Tickets now!

Atmosphere will set the mood at the House of Blues this April. For those who don’t know, Atmosphere is a hip-hop group from Minneapolis, Minnesota, which was first established in 1989 and has been active in some form or the other since. Known as one of the oldest, i.e. longest surviving hip-hop group acts, Atmosphere really know how to put on a show. The brain child of rapper Slug and producer Ant (real names being Sean Daley and Anthony Davis respectively), the group has been a massive commercial success. We are your best option for Atmosphere Boston Tickets on the web, so look no further!
The group has released seven successful albums since 1997, including “Overcast!”, “God Loves Ugly”, “Seven’s Travel”, “Headshots: SE7EN”, “You Can’t Imagine How Much Fun We Are Having”, “When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold” and most recently “The Family Sign”. Atmosphere have a sound that is still fresh after all these years, these boys working very hard for each new album to ensure not to disappoint their very loyal fan following. An appearance by the duo at the House of Blues is not to be missed because these boys really are artists that produce genuinely well thought out music other than the average mainstream hip-hop of drinking, partying and girls. Come to us, we offer the best deals for Atmosphere Boston Tickets around, and ensure yourself a night of good music and good times.
There is no stopping the band members from making their audience sway to their beats once they are in the house. Producing live music from their studio albums and EPs, Atmosphere presents an amazing live concert which thrills the audience and makes them want for more. You will be among the lucky ones if you can get your hands on Atmosphere Tickets and you can do so by ordering the tickets well in advance. So go get your tickets, bring some friends along to the concert and get ready to have a time that you will be rejoicing for a long time.

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