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A Tuna Christmas

A Tuna Christmas Tickets

As the holiday season comes closer, a number of classics are set to take the stage at theaters around the country. One truly unique comedy play is A Tuna Christmas written by Jatson Williams and Joe Sears, and directed by Ed Howard. The master comedians, who also star in the show, portray twenty-four different characters with their individual quirks and unique characteristics in an amazingly realistic manner, making this unique comedic play even more special. Thanks to their skillful acting, careful timing and special style of delivery, the stars often leave audiences thinking that they have seen two dozen different actors on the stage. Watching the stars assume new identities and take on their new characters is amazing itself, and provides hours of comic relief for the audience. The Tony Award nominated cast is guaranteed to have you in stitches in no time, so get your A Tuna Christmas tickets today!

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A Tuna Christmas

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A Tuna Christmas is a sequel to the play ‘Greater Tuna’ which went into production in 1980 and became a massive hit thanks to its sharp-edged satirical comedy. The play is set in the third-smallest town in the state of Texas, Tuna. The town’s annual Christmas Yard Display Contest is threatened by an unknown character, referred to as the Christmas Phantom. A group known as ‘The Smut Snatchers’ believe that it is indecent to sing about young virgins, and are trying to have ‘Silent Night’ banned. On the other hand, the Tuna Little Theater is having its own share of trouble as the electric company threatens to cut their power just as a production of ‘A Christmas Carol’ is about to open. These interconnected sketches are full of satirical wisdom and follow the citizens of town as they try to put their troubles behind them and get in a festive mood, without much success.

The two stars, Joe Sears and Jatson Williams portray a wide range of male and female characters, and keep disappearing backstage and reappearing in a completely new getup within moments. Some of Sears’ more notable characters include Bertha Bumiller, a member of ‘Smut Snatchers’, Thurston Wheelis, a DJ at the local radio station, Elmer Watkins, the victim of a flamethrower incident, and Joe Bob Lipsey, the director of ‘A Christmas Carol’. The roles performed by Williams include Jody, Stanley and Charlene Bumiller – Bertha’s children, Vera Carp, the winner of the last few Christmas Yard Display Contests and Dixie Deberry, an official of the electric company. Both Sears and Williams beautifully portray the narrow-mindedness and bigotry of their characters and bring it alive on the stage with the help of some marvelously crafted comedy. This is where the greatness of the show lies – the stars truly embody their characters. From the way they talk down to their gestures, the actors get it spot on, and leave the audience in awe. And not for a moment does any of it feel forced – on the contrary, their appearance and disappearance is streamlined in each setting and progresses very smoothly.

By the time they are done, the two actors have taken the audience away from reality into a world where Tuna is very much real and the problems being faced by its residents are an urgent concern. The caustic dialogue adds a new dimension to the play, and the portrayal of typical Southern stereotypes leaves the audience gasping for air. All in all, A Tuna Christmas tells the story of average American households where people do their very best to get over disappointments and put their personal needs aside to build up a sense of community for the holidays. While it may be hard to believe that the actors have any time to convey their touching message with all the costume changing and portrayal of new characters every few minutes, the true meaning of this play does hit home. If the best comedy is the kind that has some depth, substance and meaning to it, A Tuna Christmas is it. Whether you are a seasoned theatergoer or a new fan of the arts – A Tuna Christmas is a show that will have you hooked in no time. You don’t get to see this unique style of comedy every day so make sure you don’t miss out on this fantastic play. A Tuna Christmas tickets are now on sale here. These tickets are quite rare to find, and are selling fast. So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and get your A Tuna Christmas tickets before they all run out!

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