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Galveston Tickets

The state of Texas is famous for a lot of things like the size of its population, the deserts which form a significant part of its geography, the long coast, the mountains, and its history as a colony of different colonizing powers in a long list of distinctive features. But more than anything the most populous state in the United States is famous for the Galveston City which serves as a jewel in the crown of the state. The city is situated on Galveston Island and has a total population of forty seven thousand seven hundred and forty three according to the most recent census making it the second most populous city in the whole county.

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As a port city of US the city has always been a prime focus of invading powers like United Kingdom, France and Spain. During the American War of Independence between 1775 and 1783 the city became the focal point of British Invasion from the Sea. But with help from Spanish military expert Bernardo de Galvez y Madrid the attempts of the British to take control of the city of thwarted. As a result in honor of the Spanish leader the city was later named after him and became known as Galveston.  
As a coastal city Galveston has always enjoyed an abundance of trade and in the nineteenth century was the commercial hub of United States providing a significant boost to the country’s economy. Today it remains to be a hub for economic activity with a more diversified portfolio. Much of the revenue today is generated through tourism, financial sector services, health care and of course shipping. Additionally the student body of the medical school of University of Texas which is more than twenty five hundred students is making significant contributions to the city’s economy and cultural life. There are a lot of bars, clubs, theatres and restaurants to cater to these young students who are almost always ready to have some fun. Because of this Galveston tickets are always selling like hot cakes.
Before it was named Galveston to honor the Count of Galvez the city had other names. The oldest references for a name to this city can be traced back to early Native American tribes who referred to it as Auia. When the Spanish first arrived here, they changed the name to Isla de Malhado and then to Galvez town. As a coast town the city is faced with a continuous threat of hurricanes. And the temperature is most of the times oscillating between pleasant warm to extremely hot but never too cold.
The entertainment scene of the city is very active with three museums Texas Seaport Museum, Ocean Star Offshore Drilling Rig & Museum and Galveston Railroad Museum. Then there are the Moody Gardens with a replica of Egyptian pyramids in the midst of an artificial rainforest. Every year there is a Jazz and Blues Festival to encourage the local musicians and invite countrywide popular jazz and blues musicians to the city. Get Galveston tickets now to enjoy these activities.

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