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Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Boyz

Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Boyz Tickets

For centuries, pubescent and nubile girls have been warned against the dangers and horrors of going astray, especially in matters of the heart and body. Folklores such as The Little Red Riding Hood have been employed time and again to put a fear of the alluring opposite sex deep in their psyche, depicted by the character of the “Big Bad Wolf”. Picking up on the notion of certain mature males expressing sexually predatory instincts towards presumably innocent and good-natured young women comes a modern cautionary tale in the form of the musical Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Boyz. The risqué titled play was conceived and written by Angela Barrow-Dunlap and Lizzie Berry and originally “disgraced” the stage in 1995.

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Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Boyz

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The themes and plot of the musical Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Boyz were drawn from true stories that revolved around girls from Christian urban homes venturing out in the world and having to fend for themselves against morally corrupt males. The setting is a modern-day urban environment that is rife with violence, sex and drugs that serves to entrap a “good girl” from a Christian family like a fly in a spider’s web. The story typically revolves around a girl that goes to college and falls for the wrong guy for all the right reasons. The guy portrayed as a drug peddling hustler is depicted to be no less than the devil’s minion who is hell-bent on carrying out his diabolical mission of corrupting the good girl in question. The knight in shining armor for this girl is not a strapping young male, but is none other than her grandfather Reverend Pops Harris. Pops traditional, God-fearing values are what save the girl’s soul from eternal damnation, and he uses the power of his prayer and faith in the almighty to extricate his granddaughter from Satan’s nefarious grip.

Angela Barrow-Dunlap , the creator and co-writer of Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Boyz has a legacy of bringing out impactful theatrical productions to the waiting urban audience and leave them wanting for more. Known as “The Doctor” to people in-the-know in the industry, Angela has a string of other hit stage plays in her repertoire. Having worked with Terry Lewis, the Grammy Award winning music producer and a host of other prominent Hollywood’s African American actors, she has amassed much critical and appreciatory acclaim. Her producing and playwriting achievements in My Brother Marvin, which was based on the life of Marvin Gaye as told by his sister, were done justice by the success that her creations Real Men Pray and I Won’t Be The Other Woman garnered. The titillating If These Hips Could Talk and the notorious Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Boyz have both enjoyed two-year runs and are amongst the longest running shows in the history of urban theater.

After premiering in the fall of 1995, Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Boyz blazed a marathon run across fifty cities in the US and delivered its Christian salvation oriented message to over a million believers. The essence felt by the recipients was so strong that they demanded it to be preserved on VHS cassettes and then later DVDs to as to be savored time and again. They very well may have intended to substitute the bedtime story telling to their young girls of The Little Red Riding Hood with repeated screenings of Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Boyz. The gospel musical was reincarnated in 2005 and led out another existence across the country.

If bad boys will be bad boyz, then so will girls be the girls who get drawn to them like moths to a flame. Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Boyz has been brought to life a third time in 2011 and is also slated for being adapted into a full-length feature film. So book your Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Boyz Tickets now to find out whether it can be the guiding light once more for the modern day Christian damsels in distress.

Q:From where can i get information on the schedule of why good girls like bad boys gospel play in washington dc?

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