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Voca People

Voca People Tickets

Imagine a planet where people communicate with each other in nothing other than music, and have language that incorporates singing, sounds of instruments and lip movements – how interesting that sounds! Now with Voca People performing, you can actually have a glimpse of such a planet and its natives! All you need is your Voca People tickets.Voca People is a group of performers who use a combination of beat box vocals and a cappella to create music, and are renowned worldwide for this talent.

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The group is basically from Israel, and has been in the industry since 2009. The group has not more than about 30 performers, but they can mimic the sounds of a complete orchestra. The Voca People, as their name indicates, claim to have their origin from a planet beyond sun. They also claim that there are many others like them back there on their home planet, and that the only means of communication at their planet is music and sounds. The name of their planet is Voca , and with that reference they call themselves the Voca People.

The entire group of Voca People is dressed up in a very interesting way. They wear all white dresses, with only their lips having prominent red color. As they perform, they float on the stage in their beautiful so called spaceship. They also claim that their space ship is powered by music and nothing else. According to them, as they are in love with music and it is in their souls, they have come to the planet Earth as they have come to know that music here on Earth is great and people here have a good taste and sense of music.

The style of performance of Voca People is unique, and involves complex knowledge of beat box as well as a cappella. In beat box, they use their voice to mimic modern drums and percussions, while in a cappella the main focus in on rhythms and sounds without any accompanying music. Every individual performance has a unique touch. As the group often performs at international venues, their performances also incorporate the local touch and color of the native language and traditions. Destinations where the Voca People has performed so far include New York, Spain, Israel, England, France and Italy.

Their adaptability to the local culture and language is remarkable and also makes them stand out in their field. If they perform in a Spanish speaking nation, they would perform Spanish music and similarly, French music would be appropriate with their performances in French speaking nations.The Voca People project was created about 3 years ago by two artists from Israel, named Shai Fishman and Lior Kalfo. Their dream was to create a musical group that would not use any musical instruments and would create music solely based on their voice and vocal expressions.

They also came up with the idea of white clothing with red lips. They often repeat their motto after their performances that say: “Life is Music and Music is Life”. At the performances, the atmosphere is very lively. The performers interact with the audience freely and also tease the passers – by. They act as if they are really from outer space and have come to this earth as aliens, and are guests for the natives of this planet. People often compare them with the Blue Man Group , a trio of mute performers who dress themselves in all blue, but the two groups have many things in contrast. |

The way Voca People mingle with the crowd, singing and dancing, is not a characteristic of Blue Man Group performers. Voca People tickets can be your source towards a journey in outer space with aliens dancing and singing around you, making you feel really good about this life, enjoying music at the same time in your own language. They are undoubtedly unique, different from anyone else in the music industry, promising you a time well spent!

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