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Ogres have been depicted in traditional folklore as monstrous abominations that are innately driven to terrorize the unsuspecting lowly populace, even devouring some to satiate their voracious appetite. However, one ogre has smashed through that repulsion for all creatures bulbous and green and won the hearts of many adults and children alike. Spawned in the pages of the 1990 book "Shrek!" and rendered an existence in the animated movies of the Shrek series, the green but certainly not mean rotund philistine has off late been reincarnated in the setting of the Shrek musical. The story amalgamates characters and themes from popular folktales and children's stories such as "Pinocchio", "Goldilocks and the Three Bears", "Three Little pigs", "Peter Pan" and "The ginger-Bread Man".

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The plot of the musical version of Shrek is primarily based on the first of the Shrek quadrilogy that came out in 2001 as well as the William Steig book "Shrek !". Act I kicks off with a seven year old Shrek being sent out in world to eke out a living for himself and later making his living quarters in solitude in a swamp after being rejected for his looks. Upon having the privacy of his comfy nook shattered by a raucous bunch of story tale characters banished by Lord Farquaad, Shrek sets forth with "Donkey" to the latter's palace and demands him to restore his peace and quiet.

The diminutive monarch strikes a deal and Shrek and Donkey attempt to rescue Princess Fiona from the clutches of the red Dragon and take her back to serve her up as Farquaad's bride to be. Initially disappointed for not having her dreamy prince charming coming to her rescue, Fiona develops a soft spot for Shrek's charms, and unbeknownst to him also takes on an ogre form at night, much to Donkey's surprise discovery. Act II shows a disillusioned Shrek, who after assuming that Fiona is repulsed by him and will never fancy him, delivers her to Farquaad and holes himself back in his swamp. After Donkey sets the record straight, he crashes Farquaad's and Fiona's wedding and accompanied by Donkey and the Dragon, gets rid of the despot and wins Fiona's heart.

The story of Shrek was given a musical rendition initially in 2002 by playwright David Lindsay-Abaire and director Jason Moore. Lindsay-Abaire, who penned the lyrics to the musical, also went on to claim the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 2007 for his theatrical piece, Rabbit Hole and also has a string of Tony Awards for the same production. The play was developed in late 2007 and all throughout 2008, premiering in 5th Avenue Theater in Seattle. Two months of initial performances led to Shrek opening at "The Broadway Theater" on Broadway and after a run of 441 performances closed in January 2010.

The musical version of Shrek has garnered acclaim in its genre and can stand it own against the reception of its animated predecessor. In 2009, the Broadway Shrek got around two dozen nominations across various categories, including a Grammy Award for "Best Musical Show Album". From amongst them, it clinched three for Drama Desk Award, four for Outer Critics Circle Award and one Tony Award for "Best Costume Design of a Musical". It also got favorable reviews in the New York Times and Variety, with the associated press giving a proverbial pat on the back to the people at DreamWorks for ensuring that the entertainment appeal in the animated version transpired across to the musical as well.

Shrek the musical already has a US tour under its belt that will come to a close in July 2011. But British Shrek aficionados are in for a real treat as the show premiered in the West End at the Theater Royal Dury Lane in May 2011 and is going to have an extended run till October 2012. Shrek is even going to grace the stages of theaters in Madrid and Australia in late 2011 and 2012 respectively. So book your Shrek Tickets now to see the fairytale of all fairytales come to life right before your eyes!



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