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Ohio State Fair

Ohio State Fair Tickets

It is that time of the year again and everyone is ready for the Ohio State Fair. The best of the best when it comes to an interesting mix of options available to the public in terms of state fairs. The Ohio State Fair is amongst the oldest state fairs in the country and over the years has expanded tremendously to become one of the largest state fair nationwide. In the early nineteenth century the local governing bodies in Ohio were going through plans to start a venture that would give the economy a boost, creating more job opportunities for the residents and increased revenue for the local farmers. The idea for a state fair was approved soon afterwards as a vehicle to move the economy in the right direction and celebrate the lives and traditions of the local people through showcasing their products and accomplishments over a period of three days. But the plans for the fair were scrapped at the last minute in 1849 after an outbreak of cholera rendered a majority of the population unable to take part in the event. Amidst fear that the diseases may spread further and claim more lives during the event the authorities decided to put their plans on hold for one year. So the following year, the first fair was organized for a total of three days, with the first day for judging and handing out awards to local farmers and people with significant achievements in recognition of their work.
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Ohio State Fair

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The Ohio State Fair proved to be a resounding success in its first year with some twenty five thousand to thirty thousand attending the event. And ever since that first fair these numbers have only increased with each passing year. Earlier this year a record was set when a total of 833,000 people showed up for the fair, and this impressive figure is the highest attendance at this event so far. But back in the day when not many roads were built and transportation to and from the fair was a big problem the railroads in order to support the event would reduce the fare to half and in some instances completely free for fair goers.

When it comes to famous musicians performing at State Fairs across the country, the Ohio State Fair is probably the top priority of all major music stars. Over the long history of the fair many popular artistes have chosen the event to showcase their talent and perform for their fans. Only recently the fair saw Kesha perform to the much delight of her fans. She was joined by Meat Loaf, Brad Paisley, Loretta Lynn, Melissa Etheridge and the young stars of the hit Nickelodeon TV series Big Time Rush. In the past Tina Turner Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato and Saving Jane have performed at the event. But the most historical performances have to be when The Bee Gees came to perform in 1968 or when Johnny Cash performed the very next year. In addition to these concerts for which mostly you need tickets, there are also free music gigs which are more intimate and fun that you can attend with your friends and family.
The Ohio State Fair has a lot to offer to the fair goers in terms of entertainment, education, information and recreation. The fair has a lot of activities and attractions for people from different age groups, backgrounds and interests, which makes the entire experience very enjoyable for anybody who decides to visit. There are musical concerts featuring some of the country's most popular and sought after musicians. Then there are food stalls covering literally everything the mind can think of and in such abundance and variety that it becomes impossible to ignore them after a time, and you are tempted to try almost everything as you go along. For those who are interested there are helicopter rides available and in the free petting zoo, a wide variety of animals for kids and adults alike to ogle at. If you always find shedding your inhibitions a little too difficult or you think you can never attempt anything outrageous, then just wait till you come to the stages with hypnotists who would make you do anything they want as if you were a puppet in their hands. In addition to this there are several other sporting competitions, a fine arts show for those more interested in creative self expression, a horse show, countless fun rides for kids and their parents to enjoy together, magic shows with tricks that baffle the mind and a natural park with free fishing for kids. For an exciting event with a lot of different activities to keep you interested and entertained for a long time get your Ohio State Fair Tickets now.

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