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Takamasa Ishihara is Miyavi on stage, a Japanese musician, singer, songwriter, dancer and actor. This multifaceted artist along with his Samurai Guitars is a phenomenon act that has introduced Visual Kei to the world, ala Miyavi style…. . Defined as a Japanese subculture or subgenre of Japanese Rock, Visual Kei is about musical look and feel. Miyavi has redefined the term to create music and its accompanying outlook, his own way. Highly creative and innovative in style, sound and delivery, Miyavi is a music discipline in his own.

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Events Location Date Tickets
Asia & Miyavi at Chicago on 4/25 House Of Blues - Chicago 4/25/2017 8:00 PM View
Asia & Miyavi at Toronto on 4/26 Phoenix Concert Theatre 4/26/2017 8:30 PM View

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Beginning to learn to play a guitar, he self-taught himself at fifteen. Similarly he developed interest in writing songs and composing music. His sharp understanding and musical aesthetics showed him his music genius. He relocated to Tokyo and performed live with his guitars to public and clubs. Due’Le Quarts the band took Miyavi under their wing. As the youngest and latest addition to the band Miayvi was Miyabi, contributing great music to the band both in quality and quantity. From compositions to arrangement and lyrics, Due’Le Quarts reached new heights of success and fame, all attributed to Miyabi’s efforts. His hardcore musician attitude and domination lead to the disbandment of Due’Le Quarts.

Next Miyabi transformed into Miyavi, going solo the very next day with debut Gaguku . The album was a result of years spent indulging in listening, covering and reproducing Japanese mainstream rock and international metal, rock, dance and R&B. Using lead guitars and ancillary specialized drums he came up with the most imaginable yet most appealing Japanese Rock ever heard. He later moved on to experimentation in a different line of pop rock. He successfully delivered a sophomore indie album Galyuu . A top charter and record seller were followed by the single Ashita, Genki ni Naare . This spellbinder paved way for Miyavi zm , MYV Pops and Miyavi uta -Dokusou . The albums were commendable hits casting a spell of consecutive hits in a row.

For Miyavi hit after hit developed his credibility on the music scene. He further polished it through formal schooling. Moreover, street performance exposure that he sought in the US resulted in a one of a kind group. KAVKI BOIZ was born featuring a painter, beat boxer Wadiko drummer and tap dancer. This iz the Japanese Kabuki Rock (2009) and What’s My Name (2010) came with the new creed of performers in periphery to Miyavi. The studio releases went well on their own but lacked dramatization; that came later through music videos.

Miayvi’s solo trip brought the real star out of him. Off studio he began staging his music, his acts and himself clad in the most retro style Visual Kei. Initially the traces of Visual Kei from Due’ le Quarts earned back old fanfare. The revamped Miyavi persona and music of Miyavi managed to shed older fanfare, but brought much larger fan pool. With Japanese youth connecting to Miyavi as an iconic Japanese Rock star, his following keeps growing. His confidence in himself and his music that remains intact.

His first concert at Shibuya City in 2003 was a huge success on the commercial scale. Miyavi felt the need to reach out to his fans and arranged for two Miyavi Fan Club events. The two events spread over seven years and convinced more music fans to join his fan club. Miyavi’s popularity graph took on when he brought the group live on stage on his first world tour in 2008. Across all continents hundreds of thousands of audiences applauded his work. The next year he shook live audiences around the world with the Neo Tokyo Samurai Black World Tour. This tour proved turning point for as the artist line-up was stripped down. Miyavi met BOBO, both joined hands to give a facelift to the band’s Visual Kei impressions. They converted Miyavi into a two person’s stage act which was more dramatic, bold and modern in every way.

Miyavi also ventured into acting and dance by working in Japanese Cinema and theatre. These helped him refine his very own performance and better co-ordinate music, physical expression and outlook. Miyavi enjoys the status of an accomplished musician that is accredited for influencing Japanese music scene with the most western and modern music. With almost a decade into Japanese music Miyavi has reached highest of recognition on the local and global front. His true talent and extraordinary approach to designing music and its sidelines makes him a potential maestro of Japanese rock. Miyavitickets present a larger than life Miyavi, ready to rock on with full force.

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