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Manu Chao

Manu Chao Tickets

The fabulous Manu Chao is a spectacular artist who is best known for his fascinating songs in many different languages, around seven of theme. This genius artist sings not only in English but also in French, Italian, Spanish, Galician, Portuguese and Arabic as well as in a number of other languages. This spectacular singer is thus one of the very few singers who has sung songs, released albums and performed live in many different languages. But his songs and albums aren’t simply many in terms of quantity; even in different languages, his songs maintain that exquisite quality that is signature to Manu Chao and has been doing so for many years since he first fell in love with music. This awesome artist also performs some of the most incredible live performances ever seen and if you want to sample some of his delicious music, the best way to do so is live, through Manu Chao tickets.

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Manu Chao was born back in 1961 and first started out as an amazing singer in the capital of France, Paris . This singer kicked off his career in this legendary and romantic city, starting off as part of some of the best known bands in Paris . Some of these bands included Los Carayos and Hot Pants, bands that were famous for using different languages in their music as well as mashing up genres and styles to create their unique sound. Manu Chao even went on to start his own band known as Mano Negra alongside his brother, Antoine Chao back in 1987. This band was also very popular not only in France but also outside France in many parts of Europe .

Manu Chao played with the band Mano Negra for around eight years after which he started off his solo career as a singer in 1995. Since then, he has released a number of albums as well as gone on tour many times. In fact, he even has his very own live band that can be seen playing with him on tour, a band known as Radio Bemba. Manu Chao grew up in the Sevres and the Boulogne Billancourt areas of Paris amidst some of the best French artists and was thus inspired by them. Many of them were even acquainted with Manu Chao’s father and he thus met many artists. Inspired by them, Manu Chao started off his career back in the eighties when he formed the band Hot Pants alongside other musicians.

Hot Pants was inspired by bands like Dr Feelgood and The Clash, popular British rock bands. It was a successful band and was followed by Manu Chao forming up the band Los Carayos, a band that mixed up rock and alternative music. Through this band, Manu Chao released around three different successful albums. Soon after, Manu Chao alongside his brother and cousin formed up the band Mano Negra. The band’s first hit single was the song, Mala Vida , a remix of an earlier song when Manu Chao was part of Hot Pants. This hit single soon became a national French sensation and received a lot of radio airplay as well as ranking high on the French charts.

Mano Negra was soon signed onto the record label, Virgin Records, through which the band released the album, Patchanka . This album was a massive hit ranking in the top five not only in France but also across Europe and even in parts of South America . This awesome band continued to play live music as well as release albums until 1995 when Manu Chao started off his solo career. He formed up the band Radio Bemba that played at his live shows as well as recorded music for his albums. This time around, Manu Chao aimed for a more street like music style and so he went on tour across much of South and Central America , recording new music as well as discovering new styles. By 1998, Manu Chao and Radio Bemba had come up with a new album that was released as Clandestino . This was a very successful album that had sales over five million and contained the hit singles Clandestino and Bongo Bong . The album even won the Victoires de la Musique Best World Music Album award in 1999.

After that, it was all uphill for this awesome artist. Manu Chao then released the albums Próxima Estación: Esperanza in 2001, Sibérie m'était contée in 2004 and La Radiolina in 2007. He also released a number of live albums and DVDs. All in all, this spectacular French singer has transcended borders and sung songs in most of the world’s main languages. Thus, no matter what you speak, Manu Chao has something for you and all you need to do is get Manu Chao tickets and go listen to him sing soothing songs for you.

Manu Chao
Manu Chao was born Jose-Manuel Thomas Arthur Chao on June 21, 1961 in Paris, France.
The French-born singer and political activist of Spanish origin, Manu Chao, sing chiefly in Spanish, French and English and occasionally in a number of other languages.

All Time Hits
La Radiolina
Rainin' In Paradize
Me Llaman Calle
Bongo Bong

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