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Judas Priest

Judas Priest Tickets

Metal music has been popular throughout the world for the past many decades now and one British band who has been a pioneer in promoting and popularizing metal music is Judas Priest. The band has released sixteen studio albums till date out of which four albums were certified Platinum, Judas Priest has sold an astounding 50 million albums all over the world since their debut four decades ago. Judas Priest are a metal band which is a class apart from other metal groups and its live show cannot be missed get your Judas Priest Tickets and get ready to head-bang!
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Judas Priest was founded in Birmingham England in 1970 by three friends namely lead guitarist K.K Downing, bassist Ian Hill and drummer John Allis. These three became close friends mainly due to the fact that their music interest were similar and they used to listen to bands like The Yardbirds, The Who and the legendary hard rock guitarist Jimi Hendrix. The trio named their band Judas Priest after a famous single of Bob Dylan called “The Ballad of Frankie Lee and Judas Priest”. Initially the music style of Judas Priest was heavily inspired by hard rock but later it transformed into a new form called heavy metal.
Al Atkins was the first lead singer for Judas Priest and the band started playing at different venues around Birmingham city and received moderate appreciation. During this time the band had the opportunity to open for more famous groups like Trapeze, Budgie, and Thin Lizzy. Due to financial and management issues Atkins and drummer Alan Moore who had recently joined in place of Allis left Judas Priest. At that time a girlfriend of Ian Hill recommended her brother Rob Halford for lead vocals and he was immediately hired along with drummer John Hinch. After guitarist K.K Dowling announced that he will soon be retiring from the band, Ian Hill, Rob Halford and guitarist Glenn Tipton are the oldest members that still remain with the band.
Judas priest released their first album Rocka Rolla in 1977, this album charted at #76 on UK charts. From 1976 to 1978 Judas Priest popularity sky rocketed and during this period they released four studio albums which were certified Gold in the US. In 1980 British Steel was released, it went on to become the first ever Judas Priest work that went Platinum in the US, Gold in Canada, Belgium and Sweden. In 1981 Point of Entry was released which received Silver certification in UK and Gold in US but it was the next album Screaming for Vengeance in 1982 that made them one of the most popular heavy metal groups of that time. This album charted at #11 and #17 respectively on UK and US charts and was certified 2x Platinum in US and Platinum in Canada. This was followed by two more Platinum certified albums Defenders of Faith (1984) and Turbo (1986) , in these albums the band had experimented with glam metal and progressive metal which was appreciated by the fans.
After this the band’s fame started to eclipse and the reason can be attributed to a decrease in popularity of heavy metal music but Judas Priest still managed to earn two more Gold albums Ram It Down (1988) and Painkiller (1990) . Since then they have released four more album with the latest one being Nostradamus (2008) . Judas Priest has been the main influence on a number of upcoming metal bands and famous metal groups like, Sepultura, Pantera, Testament and Megadeth have played on Judas Priest concerts as opening bands. Judas Priest won a Grammy Award for Best Metal performance in 2010. Famous cable channel VH1 inducted Judas Priest in its “Vh1 Rock of Honors” along with three other acclaimed hard rock groups Kiss, Deff Leppard and Queen.
Even after forty years Judas Priest is still active and kicking as it was in the early 70’s and this has earned the band the nickname “Metal Gods”. Seeing this acclaimed group live in action is surely a rocking experience that you cannot afford to miss at any cost. Hurry up and get your Judas Priest Tickets only from us as we have the best deals to offer!
Judas Priest is a legendary heavy metal band hailing from Birmingham in England within the UK. This band is one of the most famous metal bands today with its music regarded as some of the best; each and every heavy metal fan today has heard songs by Judas Priest and undoubtedly fallen in love with their songs. Judas Priest has been active since their first performance back in 1969 and is still active today, many years after their debut. They have been signed onto many record labels including Sony Records, Columbia Records, Atlantic Records and Epic Records, the biggest record labels in the music industry. Judas Priest is also one of the most influential heavy metal bands to date, having influenced countless metal singers, musicians and bands. Thus, if you are fond of heavy metal or need a taste of heavy metal, all you need to do is pocket these Judas Priest Tickets and prepare yourself for the most exhilarating time of your life.
Judas Priest, masters of heavy metal, currently have a lineup that consists of Rob Halford, the lead vocalist, Glenn Tipton, the guitarist, Ian Hill, the bassist, Scott Travis, the drummer and Richie Faulkner. This is a band that is one of the greatest in heavy metal today and it is no surprise that they are known as the Metal Gods. In records, they have some of the highest figures in both heavy metal and music as a whole, having sold more than fifty million records. This is a record very rare for a heavy metal band and rare even in all of music thus the band being ranked as one of the Greatest Artists of All Time by VH1. MTV has also ranked this band as the second Greatest Metal Band of All Time and have been heard by millions all over the world.

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