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Identity Festival

Identity Festival Tickets

The Identity Festival 2012 is an upcoming event which is combining the formats of a music festival and a concert tour. It is the nation’s very first touring festival; a production that will be travelling from city to city and arranging a music extravaganza each time. It is not only the touring nature that sets the Identity Festival apart—it is also the fact that the entire event has been put together simply for the sake of the promotion of electronic music. Artists of this genre all around the nation have been encouraged to join and perform. This is because the festival plans to be a platform, a vehicle through which the different electronic music styles unique to each state can be combined.

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The shows have been designed and planned such that they will begin in the early afternoon and continue on well in the evening. Since this will be the first year that the fiesta hits the road, Identity Festival tickets for only 20 dates have been confirmed for sure. If the production turns out to be a well-received program in the selected cities, more dates and venues will be added. For now, the event has a lot of things going in its favor that would attract a hefty amount of audience. For one, they have invited mainstream electronic music artist to perform for them. Each show has a different lineup reserved. Performers like Audrey Napoleon, Madeon, Eva Simons, Kerli and Wolfgang Gartner have been booked to be part of the scheduled shows. Since the idea of such a festival is fresh and has never been done before, purchasing Identity Festival tickets is highly recommended.
Although the management has encouraged underground and independent artists to perform, they have also invited some big names to attract the artist’s fan base into the festival. Some definitive names of the electronic music scene have been reported to be part of the upcoming Identity Festival. The immensely popular dubstep artists, Skrillex, Avicii and Rusko will be taking the stage at various dates. Also part of the show will be “Holy Ghost” and the electro pop group, “The Disco Biscuits”. The performances have been scheduled as such that the newer artists will be performing first, serving as the warm-up acts, and the established artists will be performing last. They are the main attractions, and are perhaps the reason why so many Identity Festival tickets were pre-booked. The live music will be scattered throughout the course of the day.
Since the purpose of the entire event is to promote electronic music, the Identity Festival has made sure to carry with itself state of the art equipment at all times. The technology they are carrying is competent enough to play in any amphitheater in the country. Such technical equipment will aid in presenting a high quality sound that would best justify the genre.
While the country is full of music festivals all throughout the year, there never has been one that travels around on a legitimate tour. This idea has given the Identity Festival the pioneer status in a brand new form of entertainment. So far, just the idea of it has proven to be so popular that other producers have taken in on the idea. The “Dave Matthews Band’s Caravan”, for example, is a similar touring festival that was inspired by Identity’s idea. Still, the original idea remains the same.
Moreover, this festival has given DJs a chance to perform and tour like rock stars; performing at a different city every night and travelling in a tour bus with a concert crew. Not only this, but by mobilizing a festival, audiences who would otherwise never get a chance to be part of something of this nature are liberalized. Cities and small towns that perhaps do not host music festivals as often have been given the chance to offer something creative to their habitants. The festival has made a business deal with Beatport, a music store which is popular around the country, so that it would help out with the festival wherever they go and help make it even better for its audiences.
It is true that Identity will have to compete against other summer festival giants such as the “NY Festival Electric Zoo”, another event known for promoting electronic music. Such productions have been around for a longer time and have already captured an audience. But the Identity Festival promises the best lineup for each day, combined with the top quality sound system that will set it apart from the rest.

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