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Burning Man

Burning Man Tickets

Burning Man Festival is the most unique and fascinating festival ever. The annual event which lasts for a week, takes place at a remote area of Black Rock Desert, Nevada, U.S. The event starts a week before the Labor Day and is organized by Black Rock City, LLC. The event started in 1986, when a group of friends burned a nine feet long wooden man, inspired from the instant radical self-reliance and self-expression. The event attracts more than 50,000 people and it has its set of regulations which are followed by everyone who gets the Burning Man Tickets.
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Burning Man is an annual event celebrating radical self-reliance, self-expression and is often described as an experiment in community living. It takes place in Black Rock Desert in Nevada, on week preceding American Labor Day holiday. The event takes its name from ritual burning of a giant wooden effigy and has been organized by Black Rock City LLC, ever since its inception. This event has been gaining popularity and increases its patrons ever year. Last year, well over 51,000 people participated in this ritual event.
Burning Man started out as a bonfire ritual in 1986, when friends Jerry James, Larry Harvey and others got together in Baker Beach, San Francisco and burned the effigy of a wooden man which was 9-feet tall. A wooden effigy of a dog was burnt as well. For these friends it was an act of spontaneous and radical self-expression and freedom. However, it would be wrong to classify these friends as originators of an idea, later called, Burning Man. Before 1986, a sculptor, Mary Grauberger , held similar bonfire events at the same place. Harvey had attended some of these events and had been inspired by them. When Grauberger stopped holding these events, Harvey started to hold them instead. It was not just Harvey who had attended these ritualistic events but others who had attended them were also highly impressed by them and started to hold their own ‘burning the effigy’ events.
In 1990, two friends John Law and Kevin Evans had started to hold similar but separate event in a dry lake called Black Rock Desert, close to Reno, Nevada. But instead of burning the effigies, the two had designed their event on burning sculptures. Initially, people got to know about it largely through word of mouth and the community mainly consisted of performers rather than spectators. In its early days, Burning Man was an unregulated event, where the only two governing rules were “no guns” and “respect for fellow man’s privacy”. Also, there were no paid artists or performers and unlike today, there was no separation between living-space and art-space.
Burning Man, however, has come a long way from its early days of free-style performances and next to no regulation. Today the event is governed by 10 guiding principles, designed to cater to the needs of attendees, also called “Burners”. These principles are: immediacy, participation, leaving no trace, gifting, civic responsibility, radical self-expression, radical self-reliance, decommodification, communal effort and radical inclusion.
Immediacy refers to the idea of discovering oneself in relation to the environment. Since the event encourages its attendees to participate rather than being mere spectators, a “Burner” explores his inner self through interaction with people around him/her. The principle of Participation is self-explanatory and refers to a “Burner” participating in the ritualistic event. “Leave No Trace” refers to the notion of environmentally friendly community. The idea is to leave Black Rock Desert in a much better off state than it was before the beginning of the annual event. The principle of Civic Responsibility instills respect for all laws of the land, be it local, state or federal in “Burners”. Communal effort is the channel through which a “Burner” works and helps his fellow “Burner”.
Through the principle of Radical self-expression, “Burners” are encouraged to express themselves through various art forms. The events based on this particular principle are clothing-optional. Radical self-reliance is an important principle for all attendees since the “Burners” are living in less than friendly environment of a desert, where self-preservation takes a whole new meaning. The attendees live only on those supplies brought by them to the event and cannot purchase anything from the outside world. Decommodification is perhaps one of the most interesting principles. Cash transactions are prohibited during the event. This creates an even stronger bond between the “Burners” who are dependent upon each other for survival and well-being. This kind of relationship could not be envisaged in an everyday commercial world. The principle of Gifting is equally interesting where “Burners” gift each other instead of paying in cash. Burning Man used to be a barter trade system event, where good were exchanged as part of a commercial transaction. But it is not practiced anymore and instead unconditional gifts are encouraged. Lastly, through the principle of Radical Inclusion all attendees are welcomed unconditionally.
This once a year event is perhaps the most unique way of living, albeit for one week only. So experience this “out of the box” way of life by buying Burning Man Tickets now!

As years passed by, it became more and more popular and the size of the 'burning man' also increased. By 1990, it had become 40 feet and with a constant increase every year, last year's size was reported as 104 feet. Burning Man has become a huge event and attracts people and media attention from across the world. It is spread over a huge land and has a large number of volunteers. It has received a lot of criticism as it contributed heavily to the pollution, but the amazing popularity and exotic nature keeps it going. Get yourself the Burning Man Tickets and witness the event that is certainly one of its kinds.

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